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  • Looks like the perfect end of winter perk-me-up project. Knit hats creep up my head and pop off. Not sure how to fix that. Even using bobby pins won’t keep one on very long. Suggestions? Love the salt and pepper mills as hat stands.

    • Hello! There are several reasons why hats pop off, but your comment makes me wonder if the one you’re wearing isn’t a smidge too small? It should stretch to fit, but not so much that it’s trying to ‘escape’. A hat should be about 2 inches/5 cm smaller around than your head, nothing more. I hope that helps!

      • Thank for your answer to SPR’s question! I have the same issue and now I know what to do about it!

  • I love the photo of the twisted yarn as the neatest way to change colors!

  • I’ve always wondered what knit designers mean when they direct the knitter to “attach” another yarn. And bringing the resting yarn up by twisting is so clever! Thank you. There is always, always so much to learn,

  • I started using only one size smaller needle for the brim or cast on with the larger size needle. I think this prevents the cast-on from being a little tight.

    Love the phot of the twisted yarn as well. Will try that on my next hat.

    • Hi Carol! Using a larger needle for casting on works great – for some cast-on methods, but not all! It works for a cable cast-on, for example. But the way to make a long-tail cast on relaxed is to just make space between the stitches when pulling up. Using a larger needle doesn’t help stretchiness at all for that one!

      • Thanks for the explanation! I generally use the cable cast-on for hats but will remember that or long tail.

  • Thanks for the reminder to go down 1-2 needle sizes when working a brim of mixed knit and purls!

  • I use a salad spinner to soak, rinse and spin small items. Then rolling in a towel gets out even more water. Drying time is barely a blink. (PS; I cringe when I hear of people standing on the rolled towel with a carefully knit item made of lovely fiber inside.)

    • A salad spinner is such a great solution for handling smaller knit items! I But honestly, standing on the towel is fine, it doesn’t damage anything, I promise!

  • Helpful ideas here. I like to weave in the ends before blocking and do the final trim after dry. Rolling in a towel works for me and I have been known to stand on something big and bulky!

  • Love the colours you chose Kate!! You are a fantastic instructor I have taken one of your classes and your techniques and tips I still use to this day!! Thanks for all of your tips and tricks!!

  • The hats have a simplicity but timeless look. I love the look of the yarns with these caps!

  • Thank you for this helpful article

  • I am sharing this with my daughter who is new to knitting. She will love being able to customize even one of her early proj

  • When I do the brim for a hat (knitting in the round with stitch count divisible by 4) , I love knitting through the back loop and normal purling …. It looks so tidy and tailored! I like 2 and 2, but knit 3 sts tbl and one purl is really pretty. I used a solid and did the purls with Spincycle recently.. so very pretty. Have some fun!

  • Lol! In my house it’s cat hair and cookie crumbs…. It always amazes me how dirty something can get just being dragged around and knitted. Though I suppose it’s the “dragging” part that causes the dirty….