Crafting Resilience

February 16, 2022

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  • Brandi’s book was on my wish list since before Christmas. So happy that my son was tracking its release and it appeared a few weeks ago wrapped in a little red ribbon. It is a lovely book which clearly and directly reminds us of the importance of self-care. It is the opposite of selfish to be self-caring. Without it we are less able to care for others and to work to make positive change happen in our own (small or large) spheres of influence and control.

    I just opened the book again and realized that it is impossible not to stare at the patterns and recognize the quiet strength that forms from simple stitches, boldly displayed.

    Take care everyone.

    • What a great review, I think we have all been affected in some way over the last couple of years. I have found peace and calm for years in crocheting and now newly to knitting. I will definitely be purchasing this lovely book. Thank you .

  • What a beautiful book review. Thank you.

  • Excellent article! Love the suit of armour metaphor, you can feel it in the pictures. Now I want one! This book had been on my radar but thought “I’ll never wear any of the patterns, just not my style”. You may have convinced me by reminding me it’s not always about the finished project. (Which I should know given I have a box full of shawls that never make it around my shoulders).

  • Really beautiful, Samantha. Thank you for helping us all slow down and savor Brandi’s exquisite new book.

  • Loved this whole concept and need to make sure that book is on my shelf asap.

  • Wonderful review of a book I admire and enjoy. My son bought it for me for my birthday, I requested it after I heard Brandi’s keynote at Virtual VKL. Love your version of the cowl!

  • If you make a piece this impressive, you should wear it proudly.

    I came to this conclusion after much consideration about why I do or do not wear the pieces I have made. I sometimes think is has to do with not wanted to stand out, or express a unique style, because that would invite a critique. If I think about my actual experiences, the pieces I wear have actually led to very positive interactions with other knitters and artists.

    • Agreed. I still struggle a lot with loving to make bold, colorful, exuberant knits, but feeling awkward wearing them because I worry I can’t “pull it off.” It’s sad that the voices of middle and high school are still so strong! But like you, I have found that I’ve never gotten the critiques or funny looks I fear when I do wear what I make, so I keep on practicing my courage.

      The Audre cowl looks stunning as a pattern and in Samantha’s gorgeous blue version. Will MDK be carrying this book in the shop, I wonder?

  • I especially love that first picture of you in the cowl – it looks like a valentine hugging your face! And so true about projects worn vs. projects that are a journey.

  • Wonderful review. Thank you.

  • Super inspiring to remember our hands can make something that reveals the Force of Nature within all of us. Thank you Brandi & Samantha. BTW that blue is one fab colorway! And yay for the snow that caused you to wear it!

  • Love this review of a beautiful book. And that cowl, and you in that cowl, are stunning.

  • I have enjoyed this book more than I can say because it is so different from the many books available and gives me food for thoughts GREAT recommendation !

  • I just started reading this, and can already tell it will be a go-to for wisdom and knitting inspiration. Sign me up for the fan club and buttons!

  • i saved a link to buy this book now i think i have to buy it for too many reasons to mention. ❤️

  • Beautiful color, amazing cowl & inspiring review.