Bang Out a Daytripper: It’s Go Day!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
February 1, 2022

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  • that’s the number of colors I’m using see you soon!

    • apricot, barley, glacier blue, mimosa, celery, lagoon

  • Will be at Zoom in spirit. Casting on tonight!

    • Waiting on yarn so my bang out will be in a few less days.

  • Ooh! Those blues and gold in the cover photo are beautiful!

    • So beautiful- I wonder what they are? I would wear that every day.

  • Unfortunately I work late on Tuesdays but I’ll be there in spirit. I’m still swatching so I’ll be a little late casting on but I hope to be able to catch up quickly.

  • Will the Zoom call be recorded if we can’t make it?

    • Definitely–look out for the Vimeo link in Snippets and in the homepage banner later this week.

      • Thank you! Silly work is getting in the way of me joining today!

  • I’m banging out the Destination Pullover instead, but I’m with you in spirit.

  • I may have cheated a bit by starting early on Jan 22 when my yarn arrived–but I’m slow and there’s already no way I’ll finish by the end of Feb. But I am almost done with the yoke and am delighted with how it looks (on the outside–the inside is a mess).

  • I’ve been swatching for gauge and I have to say this is some very scratchy yarn. Does this soften up at all?

    • @Debra, I had some improvement in the scratch factor when I soaked my finished Solbein sweater, also knit with Lettlopi, in hair conditioner. Give that a try!

  • Cast on over coffee this morning, and I’m rocking my way through the yoke. I’m completely tickled with my MDK-guided color choices. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • The Zoom link says it’s invalid! Help/

  • I want your hat!!! Love it!! New so info on it pls. Dot

    • I haven’t made the sweater, but the “hat” looks like the yoke squeezed on the circ cord on top of her head! Silly hat trick!

  • I’m wrapped up in another project and can’t join the bang out a sweater fun, but after 12 years of knitting, I’ve still not done a steek. I’m telling myself 2022 is the year to do one. I have watched several videos and read a lot about it on this blog and I’m really looking forward to it – I just haven’t made any cardigans with this technique and it’s time.