Knit to This: Kermit Takeover 2022

January 1, 2022

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  • Perfect timing dear Kermit! Round two of blacked eye pea delivery now has a soundtrack! Happy New Year to you and all your people.

  • Looking svelte and very handsome Kermit! Happy New Year to y’all. Appreciate the playlist;)

  • Aww what a healthy looking kitty 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I’m fairly new to MDK so this is my first Kermt post! Love you! Do you know Sharon From Security?

  • Thank you Kermit. No canned black eyed peas in the store this year so now I have a new playlist for the time in the kitchen making the dried ones.

    • Instant Pot! Made a batch yesterday. Quick and easy!

  • Handsome guy. An alpaca throw for your heated bed might be nice for you. While you enjoy a bit of salmon. Just ask them.

  • Happy New Year handsome Kermit!!!

  • Kermit, you look FABULOUS! XX devilkitty

  • Kermit—
    Lookin good! I may need to try your new diet. My food lady has me on starvation rations.
    Perseus Twist

  • Kermit, what a handsome dude you are! Happy 2022

    You remind me if my late, great kitty Trouble or Mr. T as we called him because he looked like he would wear lots of gold chains

  • Ann, How’d you learn to speak Kermish? He is very articulate.

  • Happy New Year Kermit. You are indeed looking great.
    Wishing you and your food family a wonderful year to come.

  • Looking good Kermit!

  • Lol. “FoodLady” I think my cats Joanie and Richie Cunningham think of me that way too. My daughter is probably called “Joanie’s person”

    • Love your cats’ names!

      First time didn’t post so forgive me if it duplicates.

  • Kermit you look like a younger version of yourself – you look fabulous. Thank the food lady for the musical gift! Did a New Year’s project cast on with my knitting buddies this morning and will listen as I work on this new project today.

  • What a handsome devil you are, Kermit.

    • Lodestar? Eclecticism? Floyd in France says mrowrarowrow. I’d like a refund.

  • Thanks for this, Kermie. Yesterday my hubby and I home tested due to Christmas exposure from a 1-y/o grandson who now has Covid, and my hubby is Positive and I am not. So we are isolating from each other, starting New Year’s Eve. It’s not hard in our big house, but I miss him. Here it is New Year’s Day and I am sitting alone in a corner window, knitting, watching the sky get light for this first day of 2022, listening to your playlist. I am intermittently feeling low and having high hopes for this year. Who would have guessed my first encouragement would be a playlist from a cat?! A cat, I tell you! Oops who said that. Hey, let’s make this year GREAT.

    • Dear Garden Poet, sending love to you and your family.

  • Kermit, did you ask Olive for her playlist?

    • To be quite honest it’s a little barky.

  • My owner (mother) gives me Weruva as well and my sister and I are healthy and now show off our slimmer figures. You must be well behaved to not attack that ball of wool…we go for the wool in our house as soon as it is on display Happy New Year to you all

  • This is wonderful! Had not met Kermit before, and I love him! Great way to start the new year!

  • I love me a good KERMIT takeover!

  • Congrats to your food lady! You look fantastic and I’ll have to investigate that brand for my slightly overweight pup. (Are pup mentions allowed in these comments?) Happy New Year to all!

  • Based on your excellent playlist and your extreme cool, Kermit, we would like to hang out.
    Happy New Year from Woody-dog, Stuey (big orange cat), and Pearl (ancient deaf rag doll).

  • Looking great, Kermit, and may I say that you are always tops on my playlist. I hope you’ll speak to us more often this year!

  • Thanks for the tunes Kermit & crew! It got us from Barstow to Bakersfield on our trek home to NorCal. Lots of semi trucks heading east out of SoCal! Your “stuff” is coming, happy new year all

  • Kermit, you look fantastic! You are werking it, you cool cat. I admire how you managed to get a new sized tuxedo but still an exact replica of your previous one, because it has a real phantom of the opera vibe. I love your playlist – excellent choices!

  • Woah, Kermit, what a transformation. Do they make Weruva for rotund foodladies? Am looking forward to checking out your playlist when I’m not surrounded by napping people.

  • Looking good, Kermit!

  • Thanks for the tunes Kermt

  • Kermit, you look great! I’ll remember that food tip for my “over healthy” sized cat. I wish you’d come talk to us more often.

  • Kermit, you are a most excellent cat, highly proficient at catting! Congrats on your glo-up! Foodlady sure does take good care of you. Thanks for the playlist, hoping for more Kermit content in 2022.

  • You are looking awesome, Kermit. I Hear Weruva is good for dog diets, too. I wish I had an owner who would put me on a diet!

  • Kermit has excellent taste re: including the Monkees. Michael Nesmith died recently & his music alone is so wonderful to listen to/too (??). Sadly, now there is only one Monkee……

  • Kermit I need to get on your fitness train!
    You look gorgeous ❤️

  • dear kermit, i just read your post with my new christmas puppy, Lucky, on my lap. at 9 weeks old & in his new home 1 week with us tomorrow, he already has me trained to let him fall asleep on my lap before putting him to bed. otherwise he barks and yelps and wakes up the whole neighborhood. I am typing with one hand so as not to drop him. he is black like you (but without the dashing white), and about the same size as your previous not-so-svelte-but-still-handsome self. thank you for your enjoyable new years day message and the eclectic music list. i now can put Lucky to bed and do the same for myself. Good night, and happy new year to you and your food family and friends! with love and good wishes from foodlady anne and black lab Lucky

  • Kermit you look wonderful! My girls, Clio and Calliope, are also pretty chubby. Could you give us details of what your Foodlady gives you? Which variety and how much a day?

  • Thanks for playlist Kermit. I’m impressed with the Vulpeck selection. You are a feline of good musical taste

  • Love this, going to follow you mercilessly on insta ❤️


  • Thank you for the chuckles, you handsome feline devil!
    With love fo’ all dem felinez,