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  • Dang – just when I thought I already had all the knitting books I want . . .

  • I want them all!

  • Of course, there will be a contest to win one of them, won’t there?

  • Loved this article! And of course now I want , need? All the glorious books. I enjoyed your comments so much as that is why I read these kind of books, the history , creativity and endless beauty is so inspiring.
    Please keep this as a regular column.

  • Reincarnation had better be true because I sure as heck don’t have time in this particular lifetime to get to all that gorgeous knitting!

  • I just moved to Minnesota and this collection of books just what I need to get through my first winter!

  • Thank you for these reviews. I have found a couple of these books at my local public library and hope that by showing interest in them there, the library will continue to increase their collection of fiber craft books. In the past I have submitted requests to the library to purchase books that they do not have in their collection, and sometimes they carry through with buying the suggested books. Independent l bookstores are also a source for these titles and I urge people to support small local businesses or online shopping through bookshop.org.

    • Bookshop.org is a great way to support independent bookstores if you don’t have a good local one near you. I hope they also find a way to do affiliate links like Amazon does to encourage places like MDK to link to them while also benefiting.

      Happily, a number of these books are also in the MDK shop itself.

      • They do have an affiliate system, 10% I think. I’ve gone Amazon free this year (easier than one might think) and I use them a lot. If it’s not something I can get right from MDK.

        • I know you can pick the 10% to go to your chosen independent bookstore but I don’t think that applies to links from a blog or site the way Amazon affiliate commissions work.

  • Perfect column for my morning coffee. But why didn’t I know how much I would enjoy the world of yarn and get into it earlier? So much catching up to do.

  • These books are “eye candy” for the knitting soul!! I do want to see and read them all. Perhaps even just hold them and dream of knitting the projects.

  • Thank you for informing us about these wonderful resources!

  • Thanks so much! Great ideas for knitting inspiration. Merry merry everyone:-)

  • You picked an amazing collection!

  • Can you tell me which book contains the Dawn Cowl?