Hat’s Off (to the Races)

By Kay Gardiner
December 9, 2021

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  • Thank you for adjusting the font size in your emails. (God, that makes me feel old,)

  • The hat is looking lovely, Kay. I especially like the solid band near the ribbing. It adds more interest to an already interesting fabric. Can’t wait to see #3, a marled mixture of four colors.

  • Kay, do you think you’ll be able to tear yourself away from marling? Will you be allowed to just sit in your corner, marling away, through the publications of the next booklets? Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?!

    • I think marling will become a way of life, for sure, but the people keep poking at me when I sit in my corner!

  • Tynd is sooo dreamy! I Swarfed it already and will hat it and pet it and make the things with it!

    • Urgent question for you, Dawn: did you have leftovers? I can’t wait.

      • I could only make one complete hat with 2 skeins of Tynd.

  • “The queen of Can I Ride This Ride Again?” Like minds, Kay, like minds!

  • The queen of “Can I Ride This Ride Again?” Like minds, Kay, like minds!

    • Hey, how’d that come through twice?

  • Gentle suggestion: state the MDK web address on the Wishlist PDF. Saves time and frustration for gift-giving muggles.