Spectra Sweater: I Think She’s Got It!

By Ann Shayne
December 7, 2021
Field Guide No. 19: Marls is stacked with 5 compelling projects. We're making them all.

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  • That sideways marled rib! So good.

  • Spectacular!!!!! Brava!

  • It is lovely Ann! Truly! it’s not possible to quite imagine how one’s color choices and marling combinations will come together in the whole piece, but this has a wonderful coherence to it – so great, so worth your persistence and attention to details.

  • Beautiful! The Color Pop Sweater by Julme Conradie is a delightful crochet pullover with a very similar design — worked from cuff up and then sideways along the body, all in a fun linen stitch. It also has the option to make it a fade, which makes for similarly delightful color surprises along the way. And then a centered vertical seam in front and back. Mine is a WIP (I have to redo a bit of the fade) but it is SO enjoyable, I totally get why you’re enjoying yours!

  • Beautiful

  • I love the color combinations! Beautiful!

  • Since this sweater is down the line in my personal queue I’m now thinking doing it in cotton, maybe Summerlite, as I don’t think I’ll get to it til March. Then perhaps for next fall, the Tvinni. Thoughts?

    • Fascinating! I hadn’t even gotten to thinking about the alt yarn possibilities. Do it! Would love to see such a thing.

    • When I get to it (Color Explosion Throw, you’re crazy addictive!!) I’m going to use an alternate “Texas Sweater” weight. The Tvinni is gorgeous, but I want to be able to wear this beautiful creation more often than our climate + Tvinni will allow!

  • Ann, the colors have come together in such a lovely way! I can’t wait to see is it to see the finished sweater!

  • Awaiting the yarn for my Spectra Sweater, I am wondering why not a provisional cast on for the center seams? I probably think that because I am not very good at picking up stitches and having them look right.

    • Totally your call! It will work with provisional cast-on. It just means you won’t have the raised seam that is a design feature. I have provisional cast-on dread (!), so picking up is easier for me.

      • As my dad used to say; de Gustavus! Thanks.

  • Your color selections are wonderful–better than the sample!

  • The sweater is beautiful and the colors are amazing.

  • Given the construction, I’m thinking it would be super easy to turn this into a cardigan by just adding button bands in the front instead of joining the 2 halves– knit on like the border of a shawl, perhaps…. (Musings from someone who is still working on a sweater from 2014, so probably not going to happen any time soon, but it’s fun to dream!

  • Hmmm. Might try with JMCO.

  • I love the color pairings, and I especially like that it’s all marled.

  • The more that I “marl” the more fun I am having ! It’s very addictive

  • I love the way the reverse side looks. I think I might consider it the right side (if I get time to make this sweater). Too many sweaters, so little time!!

  • That mint and gold did NOT disappoint. Love it!

  • The mint and mustard are amazing together —- now there’s the kismet that happens while marling!. Your colors are just beautiful, Ann. I’ve been curious how a sideways construction sweater feels when worn — will it be as comfortable as well as great looking? Maybe I just need to order Tvinni and do my own research project!

  • I absolutely love your color choices! I am about halfway through my first side (left back) and it is certainly keeping me on my toes, but it’s a fun knit. I’m using Tvinni, all the colors of the sample in the Field Guide because I fell in love on sight.

  • This is gorgeous and I’m glad it’s not TOO terrifying!!

  • With regard to the sweater. …Oh my! I would not have imagined it so. With regard to you both, and the site, you got me through the pandemic so far with spades. I look forward to Saturday morning. I prepare to open MDK Lounge. I am rewarded every damned time. It’s like popcorn..ice cream, chocolate…. many thanks.

  • Have finished left back, all good. Now to picking up to continue with right back. Have tried a few different ways and can’t seem to get it. I either get too much “ridge” or not enough. Is there a video that demonstrates what Cecelia intends?

  • I have finished the left back and lengthened the sleeves but the sleeve seems awfully narrow. will I be able to get my arm through? will I be able to wear a light layer under the sweater since this is rather itchy wool?