Knit to This: Allison Moorer and Hayes Carll

By Kay Gardiner
November 6, 2021

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  • Loved the animation with that song!

  • Oh my Me.
    Thank you!!

  • That song and pop-up book video! Love it. And I definitely will be reading Allison’s book. ♥️

  • Oh hell yes!

  • For a real treat, you can listen to Allison read her new book. I listened to her first, heart wrenching book on a few flights in the pre pandemic days and to hear her words in her own voice added a very special layer of humanity to her story. She’s been driving around with me for the past few days and I’m loving every minute of it.

  • Good morning!

    I hope I’m sending this question to the right place (person). I am fairly new to knitting and to your
    wonderful site, so I hope I get my message through.
    Just a few days ago I received a MDK email that stated (somewhere in it) there would be hints or tips on working with slippery yarn…I searched, but couldn’t find any mention of this. Now I can’t find this very email. Perhaps you can help me?

  • The gift of compassion. May we use it generously. This is a nice follow-up to the Thistle Farms post.

  • I recently read a great article about Allison Moorer and she is really amazing.

  • I had the great good fortune of hearing the two of them at The Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill the month before the pandemic. Amazing and lovely people with great hearts and great talent.

  • I’ve heard Hayes Carll at the Levitt Pavilion here in Arlington. He’s wonderful! Thank you!

  • OMG best music vid I’ve seen In forever. Almost makes me wish my tiny far-from-mainstream Baptist church was still meeting on zoom so I could suggest this for a musical interlude. Maybe the tiny choir will be willing to learn it!