Knitting: It’s a Whole Lifestyle

By Kay Gardiner
November 4, 2021

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  • During the pandemic while working from home, a window bird feeder I stuck to the dining room/office window was the best thing ever, for me and my cats.

  • Such a lovely variety, there’s something for everyone. Can’t wait to try the coffee!
    I know I’m not the only one disappointed that there is no Atlas yarn yet, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait;)

  • I feel so seen, as I’m reading this while enjoying my coffee from a mug made my my friend Alun! I actually worked as a potter in his studio for about a decade. I’m looking forward to receiving the box of MDK goodies I ordered a couple of days ago. ❤

  • I ordered my watering can last night (along with yarn and stitch markers) – I love it! Thank you!

  • Yay for Thistle Farms! My favorite TF product is the rose geranium “bug spray” but which has become a daily spritz for me.

  • If you were to come to my house for a visit you would have your choice of many vintage mugs for your tea made in one of many vintage teapots. Love of colour, shape, and texture is one thing that draws folk to knitting so it is no surprise that we have other outlets for our love of good design.

  • The cracker tray is simply gorgeous! The wood is beautiful and the finish is perfect! I can’t wait to use it!