We've fallen hard for Cecelia Campochiaro's designs in MDK Field Guide No. 19: Marls. Join the color party! #mdkmarlalong starts November 2!

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  • Dear KAy and Anne,

    Reading MDK posts is a great way to spend my free time. I have only just found and joined your community and already learned a ton of things I did not know about knitting even after 50+ years enjoying this craft. Patty Lyons was so right saying that we never stop learninng our craft.

    I also appreciate the community discussions on all manner of things not just knitting.

    Thank you for providing all this for us.

  • Tease.

  • Hope to see the new Atlas yarn

  • I am still making The Shift (on number 2). Hope colors come back in stock.

  • So excited I only half read the FB post — and my brain only registered “open to snippets subscribers” after a couple of page not founds — I caught on 🙂

  • Those sheep look interesting!

    • I agree….wonder where we can find these stylish sheep? They would be a nice Christmas gift for some of my friends.

      • Well, I figured out where to find the ornaments. All I had to do was click on “SHOP” at the top of this page. I found Beehive Handmade website and what a wonderful surprise! Ornaments of all kinds. Now all I have to do is decide which ones….

        • Oops, I’m so sorry that I gave away the secret to the sheep ornaments. (I’m afraid I didn’t read all the instructions thoroughly.) I’ve tried to delete my comment but can’t figure out how. Sorry again!

  • Thank you for all the joy you bring… whether holiday or not!

    • I very much agree, morning joy and fun from your daily letters, I’m so happy to be in the MDK group.

  • Pure torture for me. As a kid my brother and I actually unwrapped (and then re-wrapped) Christmas presents. Mom found out and threatened to return all gifts. That didn’t stop us — the next year we found the unwrapped gifts hidden in the attic. Some may think it is a personality disorder. I prefer to think of it as curious children. I’ll be here at my desk on Saturday morning looking for the email. I think it comes in at 4:04 am . . .

    • HaHa… I did that too. I got pretty good at rewrapping gifts and no one found out! I think…

  • Hatch Show Print! My favorites.

  • OMG, Hatch Show Print did something for you! I love Hatch Show Print!

  • Funs 🙂 Good reminder to dig my snippets up on Sat morning.

  • Oh, those juicy colored pens!!

  • I feel so smug. I’ve been all signed up for ages. And I never sign up for anything. Chloe