Knit to This: Let’s Talk to Lucy

September 18, 2021

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  • I so look forward to this weekly post!! Thank you DG. THANK YOU for another great rec!!

  • Thanks for the recommendation, I do love Lucy and this sounds entertaining!

  • I look forward to listening to this having grown up on a steady diet of I Love Lucy but … not gonna lie-I’ll be listening for sexist overtones, undertones and just outright sexism. Pretty sure it will pop right up and it’s good to remember what the hill we’ve climbed looks like as we are forced back down several steps, over and over.

    • She’s very different here than she was on I Love Lucy, and it’s interesting to hear how she is clearly in charge of her own life and career (and this show, even with her husband present during them; you can tell when she’s bored with a guest and just sort of moves it along with an “uh-huh, anyway…”) but you can’t help but notice how often she asks her female guests questions about how they manage being mothers at the same time as whatever else they are; it’s almost like she’s very concerned that she might not be getting it “right,” which does feel old-fashioned. And there’ve been a few where she interviews the wife of a male celebrity and Lucy’s questions inevitably turn out to be things like “how do you manage to throw such marvelous parties?!” So yeah, it’s very much a period piece in that regard.

      • I don’t know much about her as a person, but I’ve disliked the character of Lucy for a long time. The screechy voice and lame-brain antics were annoying. I’m not usually a fan of vaudeville slapstick. I got tired of people who were so relentlessly dumb.(Ricky, Ethel, and Fred were no better, just not as loud). It’s interesting that she was a smart, in -charge person in real life because she played into the worst female stereotypes for decades.

        • It was that good old 50s comedy. She really was a remarkable woman. I’m looking forward to listening to this both to hear her true strength and to hear how she was undermined by the culture. Fascinating.

  • I discovered this and listened to it constantly a few weeks ago. Loved it! Then it just disappeared. Sort of like she popped in and then popped back out.

  • I had just heard about this. Good to have the DG recommendation. And for those who are in search is all things Lucy, apparently TCM is about to release a Lucy historical podcast. We will await your appraisal.

  • One of the things her daughter said about her was that she wasn’t a comedian; she was an actor who specialized in comedic roles. She began in typical glamore girl roles. I don’t know when she “transitioned” but there were many life stories about depression and unhappiness.

  • This is a fantastic find!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this. I loved Lucy as a kid and listening to this is super smile City for me. Thanks!!!!

  • Thanks. I’ve been looking for a new podcast. I’m dumb enough to not have caught on the the free podcast availability until the end. ‍♀️

  • I love how you keep us up to date with the latest events. Always broadening our horizons. I would never had know about this. Thank you!