Little Lessons: Simple Swoncho Success

September 17, 2021

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  • I love the table, thanks for making it printable!

  • I am knitting a garment and cabling for the first time with the swoncho. Finishing the ribbing at the bottom of the swoncho body now and then on to the sleeves. I had no idea how to handle those and could see there was going to be a gap where they joined the body. Thanks so much for the video, Jen! What perfect timing! I lived in Shrewsbury, Shropshire for three years. Now I know what “Mind the gap” really means!

  • This is so perfect. I have just done the set up rows and am now a bit confused. This should really help.

  • I’m fast approaching the “divide arms from body” point and LOVING this pattern! Thanks for the timely tips!

  • When I have to hold stitches on a holder – such as sleeves – I put them on the cheapest satinish ribbon.
    When you need to put them back on your needles, the tip of your needles just glide across the ribbon.
    I use 1/8” to 1/4” depending one the weight of the yarn.

  • I loved this pattern and did it mostly as written. I did add some short rows to the bottom back hem and I think I would lower the neckline and raise the back next time as it sits a little high at the front for me. It’s still amazingly snuggly on the cold nights we are currently having here in Western Australia!

  • I keep telling people, technology is our friend. Knit Companion let’s me set up exactly the repeats and reminders for tracking where I am and what needs to be done on each row. I really encourage people to try it.

    • I absolutely love Knit Companion! Even for a pattern that has little going on, I can highlight where I am or make a note at the bottom about what I need to do, exactly, next time I pick up the project. For following a chart it’s a dream! Being able to keep notes on hand on multiple projects is great.