Announcing: The Designer for Field Guide No. 19!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
September 13, 2021

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  • How I wish that I could access this Field Guide but I live in the UK.

    • Ah, but we can get the Field Guides here in the UK! Jen Arnall-Culliford stocks them!

      • I get the e version as I live in Canada.

        • The Field Guides are also sold in LYSes in Canada, and any LYS can get them via our Canadian distributor, wonderful Julie Asselin.

          This has been a PSA lol.

        • Can you please tell me what LYSes is as I am also in Canada and would love to order. Thank you.

        • To NANCY THORNTON: “LYS ” means your “local yarn store”.

      • For those wondering about Canada (thank you!), here’s our stockists page, just scroll to Canada for the shops we currently know about:

    • I prefer the ebook!

  • Wonderful, looking forward to this FG!

  • (swoon)

  • I can’t wait! I loved her sequences field guide!

    • Knitting that shawl was a wonderful experience with a beautiful end product. One of these days I really do need to go back and weave in the ends …

      • Don’t rush headlong into that project though!

  • hoping for more sequences; fewer marls – or something completely new!!!!

  • Be still, my heart! Can’t wait!!

    • Fabulous news! I had the good fortune to take Cecilia’s marling class at the last yarn festival here in So Cal and she, indeed, gave me ideas to use a yarn that I loved but didn’t know what to do with. Marling to the rescue. I now have a beautiful and unique sweater. Can’t wait to receive my copy!

  • I am already a subscriber-will you be sending us a reminder to renew for 2022?

    • I vote for a Lifetime subscription option. We never need to think about it — wonderful little recipe books just show up.

      • That’s a wonderful thought and we so appreciate the sentiment! To make it work would be a bit of a puzzle to solve on the back end of the mighty MDK website (which is mightier in some ways than others). Knowing that there is interest is very motivating!

    • You can count on us for reminders, coming pretty soon given the way the year is flying! Thank you so much for wanting to be reminded!

  • I love Cecelia! I always turn first to Sequences or one of her big books for inspiration. I can’t wait!

  • Am so glad Cecelia is back. Loved her the first time and enjoyed knitting her shawl and the yarn choice was divine!!! The green and grey were wonderful! The field guide subjects are so educational and full of goodness.

  • Just took Ceciia’s class at VKL and re-read FG5. Could this new Field Guide be on Mars?

  • I am so excited! Cecelia is such a great teacher. And I love her creativity and designs!

  • Will you tell me when my field guide subscription runs out? I don’t want to miss an issue!

    • They are all annual – they’ll be sure to let us know when 2022 subscriptions are open! 🙂

  • This is delightful news, indeed! Her thought process and approach is so interesting! (And comforting to some of us . . . )

  • Hurray! I’ve been yearning for some more of Cecelia! Now I just have to watch the mailbox. I would not miss a copy of the Field Guide!

  • YAY – love Cecelia! So excited to see more!

  • What an exciting announcement – can’t think of anyone I would rather have as the next FG designer! Thank you MDK!

  • I haven’t done any sequence knitting but I was intrigued when I first saw Cecelia so now her design will be moved up my queue

  • I was late to the parallelogram scarf, and am finishing mine soon (in time for fall in VT). I will be thrilled to have another Cecilia project to look forward to when the parallelogram is done.

  • Oh, Cecelia! This is going to be a marvelous addition and I cannot wait,

  • I am working on an Afghano inspired by the sequence shawl. So far I am very pleased with it.

  • I love Cecelia’s books! Both sequence knitting and marled knitting is so much fun.

  • Excited!!!

  • I-hope-it’s-marls-I-hope-it’s-marls!

  • New Field Guide – Marls – so happy to report these are lovely designs. Previous comment made based on initial disappointment with concept of marls. Very glad to be wrong!!

  • Will you reserve enough copies for those of us attending the workshop on 10/1-2 to buy?

  • As a new follower of MDK, can you please help me understand? If I start a subscription, how many field guides do I get in a year? Do the guides have beginner patterns, or is this something for advanced knitters? As a new knitter, I’m wondering if I have the skills to use the guides to my best advantage. Are there multiple projects in each field guide? I think that’s all, thank you for your response.


  • Wow! I’m up for the Knit Night! I’m going to have to pull out my handy-dandy World Time tracker. My daughter’s family lived in Asia for 16 years for her husband’s work. I’ll tell you though, trying to figure out birthdays over the International Dateline was more than my poor Nana brain could handle!

    I’m glad Nashville is in the same hemisphere I live in! Thank you so much MDK ladies for being so kind as to do that!

  • Looking forward to making the Spectra Sweater. I’ve ordered 2 colors of Freia Ombre Merino Lace which I plan to hold together. Hopefully, I will be able to obtain gauge and create a true one of a kind.

  • I have a question about your field guides. I got the beginner guide. After that is there any actual order from easy to hard, or should I be able to follow along with any of them?

  • Hi, For Canadian followers – the Field guide is not available at Type Books, Toronto. They searched and searched but are unable to order it so should be removed from Canadian sources. Ewe Knit has a limited selection, Toronto. La Bobineuse, Montreal, has a fabulous selection of various editions. That is where I am heading for mine. Merci.