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  • Oh, this is wonderful. A travel article has been a long time coming. (Due to Covid, of course.). Thank you so much.

  • Omnia Gaulia est in tres partes divisa… Old memories…

    • Nice article! Thank you!

    • Caesar’s Gallic Wars…….. I hesitate to say fond memories!

  • Terrific! Escape to see another fiber happy space and place. Thank you!

  • Thank You! Long distance traveling is not possible for me any longer so this is a very welcome alternative.

  • Great reading and such wonderful places to knit, when we can travel again.

  • Beautiful country, beautiful pictures! Someday…

  • Many (and I do mean many) years ago I took a barge trip from Auxerre to Villiers. We did not se any yarn, but lots of beautiful churches and vineyards! Thank you for refreshing my memories.

  • Absolutely beautiful! My sister once brought me some gorgeous mohair yarn from that region – unfortunately she threw the balls in her luggage unprotected and by the time she got them to me they were so felted they couldn’t be used. So I have a promise of more next time she goes….
    And everything I know about the Gauls and Romans I learned from Asterix comics in my youth. If you’ve never seen them find some copies, even for adults they are very funny.

    • Asterix! Yes, I was thinking about those comics too. Someday I want to go to France. Lovely article.

  • After a bad day yesterday, and a sleepless night, this article was what I so needed this morning. Thank you!!

  • Thank you for this glimpse of a beautiful corner of the world. I’ve missed these articles from away – this was wonderful!

  • Well thank you for this lovely tour. I hope to someday visit this area of France!

  • Thank you for this lovely virtual visit. We visited the Beaune while on a river cruise. As enjoyable as river cruising can be, it has left me with a long list of places I want to return to and explore further, including Bourgogne. Hospices de Beaune had just held its annual wine charity auction when we were there, and looked like it had been quite an event, but we enjoyed touring the little town without all the commotion. Your tour shows me how much we missed in that region. One day…

  • Thank you for this lovely article. It gives me hope for a future when travel safely resumes and in the meantime gives me ideas. Merci.

  • What a feast for all your senses!

  • Any reference to Gauls automatically makes me think of the indomitable Asterix and friends. Such wonderful stories, humor and art by Goscinny and Uderzo, and wonderfully translated to English. The comics were wildly popular in India when I was a child, probably still are. On my bucket list is to acquire enough French to read the originals, here’s hoping.

    What a beautiful place. Merci d’avoir partagé, Solène.

  • Ah, this goes right to the top of my travel list. I’ve bookmarked this post and thank you for the virtual tour.

  • Thank you so Very much for this lovely piece about my favorite European country. I miss traveling there so much. I never get far enough into the countryside. I simply must make more effort!

  • Thanks for the virtual trip! It’s much-needed right now. I really appreciate your beautiful photography, too!

  • you’ve reactivated my very dormant interest in overseas travel!

  • Thank you! What a lovely trip!