What’s For Dinner?

By Kay Gardiner
July 30, 2021

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  • That sheetpan supper looks fantastic! My four-ingredient recipe that I am having for dinner a lot lately is an egg white omelet: egg whites, pepper, mushrooms, pepper jack cheese.

  • Taco casserole flat bread, ground meat, taco seasoning, grated cheese salsa and veggies (optional). Cook the ground meat and spices, layer ingredients like a lasagna, bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Let it sit for 5 minutes cut and serve!! It’s is sooo good and takes very little time to cook and serve.

    The other recipes sound so yummy!!!

  • Chicken strips breaded and browned, artichoke hearts, gruyere cheese, chicken broth

  • We love the tomato and baked feta craze as well but add rice instead of pasta for a lower carb meal.

  • Basmati rice, sardines in olive oil, hot chili flakes
    This recipe is from Eric Newby’s “Slowly Down the Ganges”. It’s fast and much better than it sounds. I just mix everything into the hot rice, no further cooking required. For a crisp side dish – cucumber sprinkled with lime, salt, cumin.

  • Pasta, jar pasta sauce (I love Paul Newman’s Sockaroni) , garlic bread.
    Boom you are done!

  • Pour olive oil on the plate. Add 3 chopped ripe tomatoes. Top with 4 sliced scallions. Sprinkle with crumbled feta. Sprinkle with Greek seasoning. Serve on baguette slices. Delicious crowd pleaser!

  • We have been eating a lot of this recipe lately.

    Basically, toast (in olive oil in a skillet) some breadcrumbs mixed with Italian seasoning and garlic powder until they are brown. Then use the same skillet to saute a jar of marinated artichoke hearts and some capers. Add in a bit of honey at the end. Toss with cooked pasta and the juice from the artichokes. We added some crushed red pepper and a bit of the caper brine for zip. Sprinkle with a lot of the breadcrumbs.

  • We’ve been enjoying nachos, made with leftover grilled chicken and veggies, cut up and sauteed with 1 can of Goya seasoned beans drained. Add any Mexican seasoning to taste. Trick is to first spread the tortilla chips out on the cookie sheet lined w foil, sprayed with oil so they don’t stick. Sprinkle with a generous layer of any shredded cheese and toast this in the oven first. It prevents the chips from getting too soggy. Then spread your sauteed mixture out onto the chips, sprinkle more cheese and heat again. Serve with all the toppings!

  • Oh yum!!

    Chopped zucchini + drained, rinsed & dried cannellini beans + parmesan + EVOO. Add seasonings, minced garlic, maybe some cherry tomatoes!

  • This is a clip and save for sure! 🙂 And Judy’s recipes are always amazing, her garden is too. Reminds me of the tomato compote I make towards the end of the summer when I have way too many tomatoes to eat. These melty tomatoes are also great for a shakshuka variation, with eggs.

  • Cowboy caviar!

    Tomatoes, red onions, black beans, black eyed peas, corn, bell and jalapeno peppers, cilantro.

    Dress with a garlicky cumin lime dressing and scoop up with tortilla chips.

  • I was going to ask “what the hell is EVOO?”, but googled it first: extra-virgin olive oil. Okay!

    • PS for clarification: not the Gretchen who contributed the first recipe in the post.

    • Thank you, Gretchen, that has saved me having to look, I was wondering every veg on offer? Extra veg on offer?

  • Thanks Kay and everyone.

    I am picturing large white platters with bacon and tomato sandwiches (toasted), the honey lime cantaloupe, a big salad of crisp garden greens. Beer or cold white wine… The next Sunday dinner I host.

    I’ve been making many batches of zucchini fritters, and what I call calamari fried zucchini – fried breaded (panko) rounds of garden zucchini with lemon, sea salt and tzatziki or sweet chili sauce or mango chutney.

    Green beans, wax beans and haricots vert (the seed catalogue instructs: “a continuous yield of extra fine 1/8 – 1/4 ” in diameter is maintained by picking every 36 hours”) are outstanding right now – and definitely qualify as a meal. Fresh corn on the cob soon.

  • Technically, not four words or even four ingredients, but sooo good for an easy supper. Feta, olive oil, oregano, grill. Add a salad. Make a little aluminum foil pouch, marinate the feta in olive oil and top with some fresh (or dried) oregano. Grill it for 10 minutes in the foil pouch. I like it on top of a good salad, on top of good bread, underneath a good tomato sauce, and right out of the foil pouch.

  • Roasted veg, farro, browned pepitas, nutritional yeast.

  • A little cilantro doesn’t hurt on my recipe either, but it was supposed to be four words…

  • Four words: get the carry-out menu! It really hot in tx right now.

    My contribution chicken from crockpot, mayo, sweet onion, a little bit of sweet pickle relish, either juice or actual relish. Toasted raisin bread. Or, over salad, or whatever.

  • I’ve been making the tomato-feta-garlic-oil bake regularly. Here are my two simple tweaks:

    add some fresh basil & garlic 3/4 the way through baking for fresher flavours (just a preference)

    use the cheaper feta-style cheese, it bakes up softer. expensive feta stays kind of firm and grainy

    * bagels+cream cheese+salmon+cucumber spears

    * yogurt banana splits: greek yogurt+halved bananas+nuts+chocolate chips or maple syrup

    * sandwich: crusty bread+sharp cheddar+summer tomatoes+very strong mustard

    * rice+shrimp+garlic+spinach, last 3 cooked together in a skillet & served over the rice (or pasta or potatoes)

    * cheese quesadillas: mild cheese+tortillas+refried beans plus one veg on the side

    * corn on the cob+butter+any spice mix+seltzer mixed with limeade concentrate

  • The other night I made this up because it was about all I had in the house: eggplant – cubed and mixed with salt and EVOO then in the air fryer for 10 minutes. The eggplant went on top of cooked cold orzo along with a sliced cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, and my homemade vinaigrette (but use whatever dressing you prefer). Pretty much any veggies and herbs would be great add-ons.

  • Penne, sun dried tomatoes in oil, broccoli, Parmesan

  • Four words: call for Thai take-out.

  • This was the best email in a long time
    Thank you

  • Just made the summer on a plate and it’s delicious!