Knit to This: Schmigadoon!

July 24, 2021

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  • This show makes me burst into laughter and surprise myself without warning. So fun and smart and I definitely knit faster to it!

  • And who does not love a song about corn pudding?

    • “Corn Pudding” is a masterpiece, the Sophie’s Choice of songs about custardy side dishes.

  • I have loved musicals since I saw Finian’s Rainbow at age 6. Maybe the world would be a better place if people sang out their feelings. It’s fun to watch Schmigadoon and figure out what play the song or storyline comes from.

  • It looks delightful and I am poised to appreciate some fun!

  • that self-striping yarn looks great. Does each ball make two short socks or one high sock?

    • Each ball of Uneek makes one long sock. Sample sock of each colorway is on the side of each box.

  • NPR had an interview with cinco Paul and Keegan Michael-Key It really peaked my interest. And now with your blog it feels like destiny. Definitely going to watch it.

  • Argh. Sounds brilliant, but I just cannot add another monthly streaming service fee. Dang.

    • Wait a couple weeks until it’s finished, then free trial Apple for a week and binge it.

  • OMG I WANT TO SEE THIS SO MUCH!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • I was already on board for this. Among other things, doesn’t Aaron Tveit have a great voice?

  • I just took a look at your Instagram account and I am so envious that I want to go live with you and your white dog who is a Westie if I am correct. My two boys were THE BEST friends ever and I can’t tell you how much they are missed.

    • Mavis is a mini schnauzer!

  • This looks delightful to knit to!

  • I was up at 2am, knitting of course, and started watching this. It is laugh out loud funny.

  • Agree. And *so* glad my hubs “discovered it first” thru some other thing, so now he thinks I’m doing HIM a favor by watching it with him. There’s a song in there about marriage and letting the other person think things are their idea.

  • Oh my gosh this show is awesome!! I love the references to the old musicals and the casting is great! I couldn’t keep knitting as I was laughing so much! This is definitely what we need right now!

  • I just heard an ad about this on a podcast and I’m so glad you mentioned it because I didn’t catch the name! Can’t wait to watch.