A Great Deal, Every Day

By Kay Gardiner
July 19, 2021

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  • You know I had to google “lede,” didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? From Merriam-Webster:

    Spelling the word as lede helped copyeditors, typesetters, and others in the business distinguish it from its homograph lead (pronounced \led\ ), which also happened to refer to the thin strip of metal separating lines of type (as in a Linotype machine). Since both uses were likely to come up frequently in a newspaper office, there was a benefit to spelling the two words distinctly.

    Well that makes perfect sense. And since I have now learned something new, I can shot down my brain for the day. Thanks, Kay!

    As a proud subscriber, I own ALL the MDK Field Guides and I can attest to the fact that this is a Very Good Deal Indeed!

    • Those of us who are complete and unrepentant Spelling Bee addicts learned the word lede some time ago. And yes, I did have to google the meaning….

    • Since they no longer use linotype machines, we can go back to the original way of spelling it as lead and deal with it the way we always deal with homograohs.

      • No way! There’s history and people and stories in them thar words!

  • Knitting from Field Guide #12 right now. These little treasures hold a wealth of patterns and a special place in my knitting library.

  • I share your love for the dream team of professionals, the finer printing and paper. A non-knitting neighbor stops in and—every time—picks up the Field Guide that’s out, thumbs through it and exclaims over “these beautiful little magazines.” I agree with her.

  • Thanks for doing the research. You all saved me a bit of time.

  • I totally agree — these little books are magic and never get old. I’m a subscriber, so I eagerly receive all new Field Guides as soon as possible. But I came to the game late (I wanna say FG 6 or 7) so I did take advantage of the bundle to collect the few I had missed. What a great deal. Currently knitting from 13 — Kaffe’s striped throw extravaganza. I’m loving it.

  • i have the entire bundle and love them. And I have the subscription so several times a year, i get this lovely surprise in the mail. Each book is chock full of great projects for all skill levels, and just so darn visually appealing.

  • I’m working on my field guide collection. I need 5 more to be complete. This just might be the right time to partially finish my collection. I just love how they slip easily into a knitting bag for travel. Thank you for a great idea.

  • My Field Guides 1-15 have this lovely case to keep them tidy and in place. I hope you are going to have a matching case to put my FGs 16-?? in.

  • I’m inspired, but, oh yeah, I already own them all. I concur – they’re beautiful and handy and a joy to own and use.

  • I’d like to get all the field guides again. My home was destroyed last August along with all my knitting library (and every other item fm my 62 yrs on earth)