Field Guide No. 11 is the one with the 13 sock patterns. It's my very favorite set of designs.

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  • Looking good! I think the orange strap would look great with the blue water bottle cozy as well.

    • Once you start worrying about water bottle strap colors, it turns into such a THING! HELP ME!

  • I knit a pair of socks in Nomade from Julie Asselin that I purchased from you last year. O.M.G. what amazing yarn. I used the color Happy and made an elegant sock design with it. My daughter said they are the nicest socks I’ve ever made for her. The color was salmony, not too bright. Great yardage. Thanks for carrying this yarn!

    • So glad you liked it! Happy really is the zingiest color, I love it too.

  • Love the water bottle “sock”.

    You might try adding some grommets to reduce wear on the yarn.

    • I wondered about grommets as well. Do they work well in knit fabric?

      • I have been mulling grommets! I have seen them at work in handknits, stay tuned!

  • Loving the water bottle holder.. rocking that look. thanks for the wool suggestions must go shopping for a few

  • This is very timely — my LYS is doing a Sock Bingo challenging people to knit five pairs of socks with different features by the end of the year.

    • Sock bingo! So good!

  • Love your water bottle holder. You are too funny!!

  • So k yarn is my favorite go to weight yarn for socks of course but also for cowls and shawls!!!! Can’t wait to check you what’s new at MDK!!!

    • Thanks, Lyn! We’re always scheming some new thing, seems like.

  • You got me at “sproingy”!

  • So you’re suggesting that my summer vacation knitting plan of repairing/reknitting the yoke of a lopi cardigan might not be the best idea?

    • Real knitters only work on lopapeysur over the summer.

      • Spoken like a true lopapeysur superstar! ; )

  • Hi Ann and Kay. These new multicolored yarns are exciting in photos, but it would really be very helpful to see what they look like made up in a swatch. I hesitate to buy if it’s not clear how the colors look when used in a real article. Would it be possible to show some individual swatches for random colors? Thanks much for your enjoyable and informative daily posts.

    • Hi! The easiest way to see how these (and pretty much any) variegated yarns look knitted up is to visit Ravelry and search the yarn name. There’s a tab that comes up that says Projects, and you’ll see what people have made with these yarns. For example, here are the 27,000+ projects using Zauberballs, so fun to see:

  • Love the look! Wondering about wide ribbon sewn over the top inch of the bottle cover. They used to have some snazzy tapestry-style ones which could coordinate with the knitted fabric as well as maybe reinforce it. Haven’t tried it myself, so not sure if it really works, considering that knitting is stretchy while ribbon is not. I would do something to reinforce the grommets, no matter what. A sewing store employee might have some ideas.