Knit to This: Louis Boria

By Kay Gardiner
June 26, 2021

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  • Love this story and the possibilities that can be opened by doing what you love openly. I knit when I go out with my friends and people always ask if I can show them how to knit. Knitting unites!

  • I have a long languishing Metrocard as well! I will be sure to bring my knitting when I use it in a few weeks!

    • My Metrocards expired …. will probably need a new one to go and see the Medicis at the Met. Never got a seat on the 1 leaving where I worked … but I am good at reading while standing.
      Someone on Twitter asked for favorite subway station- mine is 81st and CPW, even w/o kids. Those charming mosaics!

  • I watched the entire video. Love this so much! Thank you for the reminder that we have everything we need inside; we just need to be brave. Louis Boris @brooklynboyknits now has another follower in Instagram!

  • I’ve been following @brooklynboyknits for several years. I love how much he gives to his community, especially the time he spends teaching kids to knit. This is something those kids will be able to do for the rest of their lives that whether they do it to make gifts for others, clothe themselves, or just as a way to relax on the train.

    • As a person who learned at age 12 I know this to be true. What a gift he’s given.

  • Loved watching this, I struggle with knitting in public in a different way. In casual gatherings knitting helps me focus but sometimes I’ve been told it’s disrespectful.

    • I don’t think it’s disrespectful, as long as it doesn’t keep you from contributing to the conversation. Only someone who doesn’t knit or crochet would think are right about it helping you to focus!

      • Agree 100%. I have the same experience with some people, but when they see that I still contribute to the conversation, sometimes they change their mind. Only sometimes.

    • One thing I loved about virtual everything… meetings, conferences, professional development sessions…was that I could knot while listening. I always retain information better when I knit. Somehow as soon as I pick up my knitting again, whatever I was listening to comes flooding back. So interesting!

  • Love his story. I also love that my granddaughter in Chicago has taught herself to knit possibly because of my love for the craft (I live near Atlanta) and the gifts I’ve made for her and the rest of our family.

  • Loved this.

  • A very powerful message. A beautiful passion and a beautiful person.

  • This is such a tricky thing to me. I love that he’s breaking gender norms and embracing his passion! But I really hate that when women do women’s work, it’s not valued.

    I’m thrilled for him! And we still have the other half the battle to work on.

  • I love Louis!! I’ve watched this before but definitely deserves a revisit.

  • Thanks for sharing this! I myself have felt funny knitting on the train, never again!

  • Just…. WOW! So inspiring!

  • Great story — thanks!

  • Wonderful story! Louis is such an inspiration for knitting and for life!