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  • Thank you for the glimpse into your world. I love the idea of knitwear as soft armor!

  • Beautiful pictures! That scrappy patchwork blanket is absolutely stunning!

  • It’s all just so beautiful. Those little moments of stranded knitting–so original. Would love to make that.

  • Thank you. So inspiring. I ordered my copy of Texture. I want to be wearing that sweater on a beach next fall.

  • Love your treasures! I am sure many of us have – and feel the same.

    However, to preserve your little embroidery book … unless it is in archival plastic, you can do it more harm. If you can, wrap it in a piece of clean white muslin and keep it away from heat and damp. It’s a treasure.

  • Delightful!

  • I have that Brighton Pavillion photo stamped on a tea towel!

  • The Saltation Cardigan is so good looking! And that crochet graphic is so crisp & vivid! Thank you for sharing with us!