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  • I am SO HAPPY to know I can now openly express my love for my Addi Express King machine! Thanks, Jen! I still hand knit a lot (Addi doesn’t work too well in the car!) but I do enjoy the option. The Noro scarf is gorgeous and I just might have to give it a try.

    • Loud and proud! Definitely give the Noro stripes a try … Freia would be fun too!

      • I want to your machine

        • Can you make a dress with it or jumper

      • Need the Noro colorways and I know you said 6 skein but what is the lenight for 6
        Wool? Or what is the name of i?
        [email protected]

  • Ohh, VERY nice hats!

    • They are so fast and fun!

    • Just found this. Got a machine for my birthday. Starting to play and I love it. Will be catching more of your videos.

      • Knitting on a flat bed machine gives you so many more creative capabilities. The circular machine seems like a toy!

  • I hope you’ll be creating your own patterns, too!

    • Oooh, that is definitely possible. 😉

  • Cashmere on a knitting machine!?! Brave woman;) My former LYS owner got her hands on an old sock knitting machine and it could be a fiddely machine. But when it worked well, it cranked out tubes amazingly!

  • I think the only way I would ever be tempted to knit socks would be via a machine.

    Question: do you still get that tactile feel cranking rather than holding yarn and needles in hand?

    • I hold the yarn for tension but other than that, not much tactile feel. Different for sure!

      • I have a similar machine. Have done a few hats but have had a few dropped stitches. Can u help x

  • Wow! I have never seen a machine in action before. Very interesting!

    • It’s meditative in a different way … 😉

    • I have an antique flatbed knitting machine that belonged to my late father in law. Reading Pa. Know of anyone who might be interested?

      • I wish you were a bit closer to me, I’d be all over that! Two hours drive is a bit much for me. Would you be willing to ship?

      • Do you still have it
        [email protected]
        413 213 6634

      • Flatbed machines are very popular! I have several and two sock machines . Visit UTube

  • Having done crochet most of my life I took the plunge and taught myself how to knit several years ago. 2 years ago I bought my first floor model knitting machine – a Brother KH940 (electronic), earlier this year I got a Brother KX350 (manual). I do a lot of fusion knitting with them, I let them handle the stockinette workload and I hand knit the more ‘interesting’ parts while I learn how to operate the machines better. They have SO many options! I’m never going back now!

    • What about a blanket? You could steek the tubes (or knit flat) and sew up a log cabin blanket!

    • That is so exciting! I have a vintage flatbed machine in my basement that needs parts/maintenance. I need to get it out and work on it!

    • A circular knitting machine is a someday-dream of mine! So is a loom, though. In a future where I have so much more time and space 🙂

  • I have a circular knitting machine and have knitted lots of hats on it BUT it is a steep learning curve! It is very easy to drop stitches and VERY VERY hard to pick them up! It is very picky about the yarn gauge and somewhere between DK and worsted is about right LOL! The cranking sound is unpleasant and there is no satisfaction like knitting on needles IMHO. i am amazed that Jen has managed to join yarns – I have tried and couldn’t make it work – the stitches kept dropping – and repeatedly trying made me frustrated to tears! I want to sell mine.

    • @Rachel where are you located? I might be interested in a used machine. DM me on Instagram @samoknits. Thanks!

    • I feel you!!! It can be very frustrating (and picking up stitches is super difficult … not like hand-knitting whatsoever.) Trust me, I had tons and tons of fails. 😉

  • CSMs (circular sock knitting machines) are their own thing too! I would wave you off (I own two myself and have been to conferences and “crank-ins”), but I think it may already be too late for you . . . lol.

    • I would love one of those!! They’re expensive but so cool!

    • I would looooove to crank socks … there’s a crank-in in my city each year and I’ve always been so envious. Must save $$s!

  • This article was so interesting! I had a flat bed knitting machine back in the late 90s and hated it. But I have been knitting for 52 years and have a lot of stash I’d like to use up. Is it possible to use thinner yarns on this machine?

    • Yes

    • I have a circular knitting machine and I think thinner yarns work better than say trying a chunky (size 5) yarn. But remember that the piece itself will be thinner and narrower. But they’re also doubled so it’s a nice lighter garment

  • Oh I so wanted this to work the way it did for you! But upon checking out the reviews online there were so many complaints about dropped stitches and parts not working as well as instructions only in German I decided it wasn’t worth the disappointment and the $35 fee to return it.

    • Do you what to ship and ship to the buyer
      How much would you what
      [email protected]
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  • Could you knit a sleeve? I have been wondering about a circular knitting machine as a way to zoom past sleeve island. Is that a realistic dream?

    • Yes. You would need to watch the counter and do the decreases by hand. Probably easier to do a provisional cast on and finish the cuff by hand.

  • I will have to give this scarf a try as I had to have some Noro in my stash. My current favorite thing to make on my Addi is mitten for charity. I adapted an online pattern for the small Addi to work on the king size. There is a bit of mattress stitch but it goes pretty quickly and makes a nice mitten.

  • Loved your article Jen. I discovered my Addi knitting by chance last year during Covid. I have been an avid hand knitter all my life, but arthritic hands make it too painful now. I am over the moon with what I can make. Lots of hats for all ages friends and relatives and charity. Have just started making soft toys, ideal for cats, teddy bears, owls etc. So much fun. I do agree with you and other comments re frustration with dropped stitches, practice makes perfect and paying attention when casting on and off very important.

    • Monica they have “gloves” for our arthritic hands
      Haven’t bought them yet ..co it out may help

  • Great video, you did a fantastic job, very informative and slow enough for beginners. Plus I appreciate those helpful hints that most people don’t tell you about…. thanks again!!

  • I used to have a Brother hand knitting machine, before the electronic ones came out, and had immense fun. I used it till I used it up. Now I hand knit with circular needles. Magic loop is great for socks. The one thing that I was faster by hand than machine is lace knitting. Your items in your photos are lovely. Keep on enjoying

  • Really nice to see an artistic use of an Addi using decent yarn. So many seem to use acrylics. Lovely stuff. Thanks

  • Hi, I am looking for a knitting machine. I am making hats and scarfs for the needy in my area, any help would be appreciated

  • I’ve been crocheting hats and scarves for the local cancer center but can’t keep up with the need. I’ve been looking at the machines but question can the size of hat be adjusted? Chemo patients usually need a smaller size. And if I make it for someone with hair can I make it large enough to fit a man?

  • Can you do a you tube video on the black and white cashmere set thanks

  • I will send you design can you be my teacher of knitting

  • Great, need a knitting machine

  • Where to buy this machine?

  • Where can I buy one of these knitting machines.

  • The add I express professional is supposed to do socks. I’ve just bought it, so I hope the description is correct

  • Pliz I need to know more and do the same in Kenya pliz advice