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  • Progress and inspiration…. Loving these earthy colors … POCKETS, well, heck yeah!
    Thank you Ann…

    Be well… MDK vibes feed my spirit and sanity: self care/love through creating beauty and wonderful things for myself and othet humans moves me right on into that space of equanimity … Yeah, it’s a thing.

    • So happy to hear this, KD. I feel the same way about making things. It helps so much. So grateful for everybody who takes time to hang out with us.

    • I love your response! I feel the same way, but never articulated it the way you just did! Makes my knitting even more important to me. Thanks for posting this! Also, MDK as an important part of my life……that too.

      • Ann, love the sweater and those pockets! Wow! What colors are you using? I want to be a copy cat!

  • Here in Maine, I’m dreaming of days warm enough to sit outside in shorts and a tee shirt: we’re almost there. Especially to do this on the coast, either the rocky part or a nice sandy beach, with the ocean waves lulling me into a contented, dreamy state.

    • Me too Ginny but by the lake for me! I haven’t knit a whole adult sweater for years but this one is calling me

      • The day are getting so much longer!

  • Love the colors! (I have friends who would say that those aren’t colors, but we know they are.)

    • Yes, that Moor color is just wild lol!

  • Would it be possible to republish the Field Guide errata in a separate article, so that it would be easy to bookmark and find later?

    • Hi Tina! We keep our corrections at the bottom of the MDK home page, with the aim of making them prominent and easy to find. We put all corrections for Field Guides on this page, so you can check for every Field Guide. I hope this helps: https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/errata/

      • Thanks so much! I will check it out!

  • I was so excited to see this, thinking it would show HOW to sew down those pockets inside…… I love your sweater. I have a different sweater with the same type pockets and have struggled trying to figure out how to sew them neatly. Does anyone have tips??? Thank you!!!

    • I added pockets to a test knit that I finished recently and they are a similar style to Ann’s pockets. I just took a photo of the back of the pocket and added it to my Ravelry page. I am dsews2 and it is Moxie Test Knit. I simply tacked the pocket down loosely in one bottom corner – the one further from the front opening – by using the tail, catching it in the back of a couple of stitches, and then weaving the end in. This keeps the pocket from flopping about without distorting the front of the sweater. It is important to leave some slack in the tail when you tack it to the sweater front. This keeps the corner of the pocket from causing the pocket opening to get pulled on as you move around in the sweater and prevents distortion in the area where you attached the pocket corner to the front. I find that one corner gives it sufficient stability without causing problems down the road as the garment is worn and washed. I hope this helps!

      • One more tiny note…You do not want to use strong thread or yarn to tack down your pocket. If you end up getting the pocket caught on something, you want the attachment to be the weak part that breaks rather than the knitting.

        • I just looked at your Moxie test knit and I believe that the difference here is that your test knit pocket is whole unto itself and forms a pocket when just attached to the pocket opening of the sweater, whereas the pocket here is just the back and needs all three sides to be joined to the sweater to make a pocket.

    • Hi Melanie! I’ll be stitching them down shortly, will take some pix. It’s a straightforward whipstitch that I use.

  • OK, Ann. We get the idea. Now, repeat after Professor Higgins: “The rain in Maine stays…” (Kermit will need to inspect those pockets in case any cat treats are hiding there.)

    • Maine on the mind 24/7, just dying to get away. Kermit has no interest, obviously.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this oh-so-timely article! Looking forward to yarn reinforcements of Oatmeal Lettlopi (another one of those beautiful non-colors) to proceed with pocket placement. I can imagine a troop of ladies hiking Acadia National Park in pocketed, practical sweaters. Appreciate the corrections and all the goodness that comes from this site.

  • Yup, Maine here! Nice and warm today-80 degrees. Shorts for me while I choose colors for Destination or Daytripper. Love this book!

  • Ann, let’s not call your sparkles dim. You shine brightly, and so does your sweater. Your sparkles are STEALTHY.
    And the sweater is looking great.

  • Maine is about 30 minutes away from me – we know of a small island for camping off midcoast Maine and we’re getting our popup ready for the summer. I’ve got lots of summer knitting and crochet planned – socks, granny squares, dishcloths, lots of cotton and linen. The projects are always planned and packed well before the food coolers.
    The smell of pines mingled with the ocean… nothing compares.

  • My summer plans (and dreams) include our mostly-annual visit to Acadia. And summer dreaams closer to home: bike paths.