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  • Thank you so much, Mary Jane, for sharing this little slice of your life!!

    • You are so welcome!

  • OMG! Rocks! How many times over how many decades have friends who have moved me, lamented and laughed over my boxes labeled “rocks.” Each one has stories and memories attached. They hail from the Isle of Arran, Scotland; Mt Desert Island. Maine; Nova Scotia, Canada; Sedona, Arizona… one from Maine found on Fry Mountain in Knox that was formed by ocean waters!
    Love every glimpse of your “talismans” Mary Jane.

    • Now I need to hike Frye Mt. again and find some ocean rocks. There was a prehistoric walrus head found on my friends yard in nearby Prospect!

      • A prehistoric walrus head in Prospect???? OMG!

  • Thank you very much Mary Jane. So fascinating. Love to be in the group going to Shetland with MDK.

    • Thanks for the inspiration and reminders of nature’s beauty. As a Seattle hometown girl myself (Queen Anne HS, 1971 grad!) I am excited to learn about the Space Needle lamps! Getting one asap!

      • Yay for the hometown!! You’re not lacking in natural beauty! I’m always astounded by the size of the rhododendrons! Visit KriKri you’ll love her things ❤️

    • Is MDK visiting Shetland? I go wirh my friend designer Gudrun Johnston. Our trips are called “Gudrun and Mary Jane’s Grand Shetland Adventures”. You can find info on both our websites, but we’re paused for the time being.

  • Thank you for letting me into your home this morning. I loved seeing all your “artifacts” while I had my morning coffee from my own carefully selected mug out of my eclectic collection. It never occurred to me that other people did the same!

    • It was nice having coffee with you in our mismatched mugs!

  • Reading this I felt as if I was part of a Tribe I didn’t know existed!!! Mugs rocks little funny bits and bibs so much a part of my life! I ado collect sticks and miniature evergreen trees and lighthouses!! Your post lifted my spirits on high! Thank you Mary Jane

    • Kindred spirits are so comforting. Love this peek into your world. Such a lovely, inspiring, and beautiful way to start my day. Thank you Mary Jane.

  • Loved every colorful thing about this! Plus that map!

  • I totally agree about the rocks. This is one of my favorite children’s books: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/320154.Everybody_Needs_a_Rock

  • I loved reading this essay. Thank you

  • Let’s be friends!

    • MJ I enjoyed this little tour of your “stuff” so much! We all have our treasures! I brought home only one rock from Shetland and sadly had to leave the heavier one behind! I know you’re missing those trips with Gudrun.

  • Lovely to read first thing on this beautiful sunny morning.
    I also rotate my mugs, my dishes, everything , so no one has hurt feelings.
    I pick up rocks on my beach walks and just hold them and look at them.
    Do we all believe we are the only ones who do these things?
    Thank you, Mary Jane, for this.

  • Well now, isn’t this a sweet way to start my day with a cup of coffee! I LOVE to see other people’s “stuff collections”. I just visited my sister in Phoenix, whom I hadn’t been able to see for 2-1/2 years (!). The only thing I wanted to do was to have her tour me around in her house to see her stuff – what’s in her pantry, her craft room, her china cabinet, her closet, her kitchen junk drawer, etc. That’s where you get to really know a person…see what’s in their kitchen junk drawer!

  • ROCKS ROCK! I have a collection of heart rocks, bowls of rocks, boxes of rocks, rocks in my garden, and have to check my pockets for rocks before I wash my clothes. My grandparents were rock hounds, can I blame them? Thank you for sharing a little glimpse of your world Mary Jane, you rock. 😉

  • I am a fan of a tableau and so enjoyed this article. It’s like your own mini museum. Love this!

    Sue Carney

  • It made me so happy to enjoy all of your treasures this morning. Thank you for sharing all of this so generously and connecting us, as you do. You have been a continual inspiration to me and the knitting world with your appreciation of nature. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve put in my head and hands. Keep going, Mary Jane!

  • I would love to be a part of one of those Shetland trips!! As I get nearer to retirement I keep wondering why I’ve held off. And, I do miss the variety of artisan fairs and garden tours in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for the lovely article

  • I once had a wishing rock that I found on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in NE England. But it had two quartz inclusions forming a cross which I thought was just too unbelievably appropriate.

  • Loved this!

  • LOVE seeing what other people value, treasure and love. What a great post! Reminds me to put some of my own well loved items out to be seen or used more often.

  • Thanks for the reminder to find rocks in Shetland, if I ever get there.

  • I love these all! The Space Potato is especially wonderful.

  • I’m just so delighted that you know Krikri! I got to know her and her art briefly through my kayaking circles up in Seattle. I still have her plates and a wee cup that holds the lost puppy teeth. Thanks for sharing your space-I’m inspired!

  • I just inherited a large amount of money and for the first time since my divorce 22 years ago I get to purchase my own home and I’m looking for inspiration every where I go. I’m not staying in Colorado but Oregon is my dream location. No fluff or precious moments for me Simple, straight forward and clean design is difficult to find but keep it coming

  • Every item of your treasures makes sense to me. I dare say as I look atound I would choose similar items and I too have a cup collection from places I have visited. Our treasures describe us.