A Test Knitter’s Spring

April 30, 2021

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  • Great article! HyeSook, I wonder, do you have a few tips for those thinking about test knitting? What’s the best way to get started?

    • Kelly — Love that you are thinking about test knitting. For me, it was something I was interested in for quite some time and I applied through the Fibre Co. to be one of their Beta testers. So it was a safe, slow and welcoming process. I would recommend putting yourself on a few distribution lists, follow a few designers you may want to test knit for and then dive in. Look for opportunities where you can take your time, learn and really engage in the way you want to. ALL test knits are different as ALL designers are different. Best of luck!

  • You’re the best, HyeSook! Your work is amazing and so inspiring!

    • I am intrigued to learn more about test knitting. How do you get started?

      • I’m interested too. I’ve applied to a few but never chosen. I get they like proven reliable test knitters but you have to start somewhere to become one…

        • Lovannah — I get that sense, too. For some designers they have a ready “pool” BUT it took me almost a year signing up before I got to test knit so be patient. I signed up for a few designer’s websites where they had a test call section. Also start with designers that “need” test knitters. There are many new ones that I know are looking. I’ve posted a few test calls recently. best of luck.

        • I echo the suggestion to try and find designers that are less well known to get an invitation to test knit. To give yourself more chances to be invited, try to be flexible about requesting written or charted instructions. I always crosswalk the two to make sure the instructions are identical for both so am willing to do either. The designer will usually ask what yarn you intend to use; when not using the suggested yarn, try and use a yarn with similar characteristics for substitution.

          I would also suggest that If you like the experience of test knitting, take it seriously in order to be invited back. This is what I view as my responsibilities: Be realistic about the timelines and respect them, communicate with the testing group and designer during the process, analyze the pattern and instructions as you knit, and, if applicable, make suggestions for how the instructions could be presented more clearly and completely.

      • Patricia — see my comment above for Kelly. I get into how I started. If you are indeed interested do start signing up on Rav groups, designer’s websites and be on teh look out for “callls” for tests as they come out. I started off slow and keep applying. It took months and a LOT of “no’s” as I think there are more of us than test knit opportunities. But the best way to get involved is to follow designers you love and start signing up for their test calls. I know there’s another IG account that posts test calls. Let me find that for you. Best of luck and you can do it!!!

    • ahhhh Christine! You are amazing! Just trying to keep up with you!!!

  • Beautiful!

    • ahhh thanks Nancy. they were a lot of fun to knit!

  • How do you become a test knitter? I’ve been wanting to try this for a couple of years but don’t know who to contact or how to begin.

    • Susan — there’s a few things you can do but my advise is to subscribe to newsletters of designers you want to test knit for as they often put out requests for test knits. Also join the Rav groups to ensure you get the alerts when new test knit opportunities are posted. good luck.

  • ALL great points @Kathy V. It is a commitment and folks who I notice are taking seriously as a test knitter take test knitting very seriously and see it as a collaboration with the designer. All great points.

  • What a great aspect of knitting, Hyesook! I was lucky enough to stumble upon a test knitter through Ravelry one day and she shared what she loved about test knitting, very similar reasons to yours. Overall, you both seemed to enjoy the Adventure of it all – plowing through untested waters. So fun to read about!

    • thanks for sharing Chloe — there def. seems to be common themes / interests among some of us test knitters. 🙂