Daytripper Cardigan: Timed Trial

By Kay Gardiner
April 15, 2021
Join our knitalong-in-progress for Mary Jane Mucklestone's fast-knitting color-wow designs in Field Guide No. 17: Lopi.

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  • How thrilling! I started my all-the-colors Daytripper over the weekend, and despite my knitting time being limited to an hour or so after dinner in the evening, I’m halfway through the last motif on the yoke. It was pretty exciting to put three or four balls of yarn away after each session.

  • We’re doing this with my knit group. I’m coming in last. Joan’s done, ellen just has sleeves Maria’s an her way and I’m just finishing the yoke. First Thursday in June it’s Gin and tonics and steering. Unless….we’re done early. We’re hoping we will be wearing them for Rheinbeck.

    • I have my yarn. Is there a start date ? It is not a race right? I would lose that race. But it is sounds fun.

      • It’s not a race, it’s what the runners call a Fun Run.

  • Hoo boy Kay, I’m a 3x at least… that makes me the tortoise for sure.

    • Nope. I think timing it for different sizes might be part of the exercise. Definitely would count for data! Pick up that yarn girl you got this!

    • I should have made it clearer that this is definitely just a race against the clock, one on one. It’s morivating to me and I’ll be thrilled if anyone else joins, but happy just to run my own race. But definitely get yours going Martha so we can see it on the needles in Sewanee! Perfect late Spring in the South knitting lol!

  • KAY! I love the colors you have chosen, and only wish I could participate with more than cheering you and everyone else on.

  • So glad you two can be together again, have a blast!

  • Seriously? I just wound my yarn for my next project (not a day tripper) and am just finishing DRK’s Winters Beach cardi. But I love a good challenge and I love a cardigan.
    Now I may have to do this. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Lol!

  • I will watch from afar! I am nearly done the sleeves on my Destination Pullover, and I don’t think I’m ready for another Lopi Sweater. Maybe I’ll time a hat or mittens. How fun to be able to choose the yarn in person and snuggle up to Ann!

    • It’s a real “parallel play” situation right now. Just so happy.

  • Cannonball knitting! In honor of a time-honored tradition, here is a link to a oral history of the car race from the Podcast Criminal:

    • I love it!

  • Anyone who is worried that they’re losing this race, needn’t worry. I’m still trying to pick colors! (Must include FUSCIA! I’m open to suggestions.)

    • P.S. The color-in drawings you posted by Jen Geigley are genius.

  • Love your colors and the inspiration. I am about ready to jump in! What color are you going to use for the button band trim part?

    • I’m going with navy for the button bands and cuffs, unless I change my mind of course!

      • of course!

  • I don’t know, you guys, it’s already been documented, in my case, “it took me soooo long…”

  • I think I will jump in too. I love a fun run.