Teaching Kids to Knit: Serve up a Fiber Feast

April 7, 2021

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  • I have taught teens the mechanics of knitting, but never considered the topics that I treasure, such as yarn appreciation or knitting history. Thanks!

  • What a great, orderly, and comprehensive way to teach kids to knit! I wish I had read this advice years ago when I taught knitting to children in my school. Love it.

  • I’m a retired elementary school teacher and wish I had this in my lesson sources. I had a spinning wheel and carders and used to demonstrate when we studied early America in social studies. I loved Christi Glass’s video and shared it with my great grand daughter. Thank you for the beautiful lesson material.

  • Great timing! I am planning on spending time this weekend teaching my granddaughters to knit. Liked the idea of talking about different fibers. Have some Lopi which will go great with the video..thank you

  • The Rettir sweater collection at work is very inspiring. There will be more Lopi in my future

  • I am ever thankful for being taught to knit in the Brownies!
    It’s been a lifelong calming ‘friend’ to me that I could pick back up whenever I wanted – or needed – like now! :0)

  • I cant wait to do this with my grands! Fantastic ideas, thank you!

  • This is so good! Thank you, I have taught, my girls, who are now teaching their children, and I get to be a part of that!

  • What wonderful ideas! I love teaching children to knit, often using the Waldorf Square into a toy ideas. your comprehensive approach is so well thought out!

  • Loving the many wonderful comments here! It is such a pleasure to share our craft with young people and I can’t wait to hear about your success with this approach. I will be at Knit & Escape this Friday, teaching How to Teach Children to Knit, and would love to see you all there! More information is available here:

  • What a great lesson in how to conduct knitting classes. I learned so much. You’ve got me started thinking (uh-oh): If you had a simple, knitted animal to share, would that also help? Thank you so much.

    • Yes! Jessica of Jessica’s Rabbits NYC has come to meet the kids twice. She brought three angoras and explained how she cares for them, talked about their fiber and the differences by breed, let the kids PET THEM, and then she demonstrated spinning. She is a favorite!

    • Did I miss something? I was looking for how to teach kids to knit. Saw nothing on that topic

  • What great ideas! My husband and I taught a class of middle-school students a few years ago, and more than one thought that getting the wool meant first killing the sheep. They were sure happy to find out otherwise! So… We’ve been sure to mention shearing, clipping, plucking, gathering, brushing, etc., which is very cool and inventive stuff all on its own!

  • YES!!! This is fantastic, thank you for posting 🙂 I also work with kids and fiber, and use similar methods—I can attest to the success of your methods—kids love fiber and are fascinated with the process. I include solar dyeing with Kool-aid and pompom making with my lessons as well, and am leading a group project along these lines with high school students this summer.

    • Poms are a favorite here too and a great way to divert kids who start to look fatigued. I solar dyed in huge mason jars and cannot wait for it to warm up in NY so I can do that again! It’s so excited to transform yarn in so many different ways. I’d love to see what you do with the HS students this summer. Sounds awesome!

  • This is so interesting!
    I was lucky enough to learn to knit at school in Scotland aged about 7. Now I teach knitting to teenagers in the high school (where I work in the library) at a lunchtime club. We start with a garter stitch strip to make a pouch for headphones and felt it to make it sturdy (and to hide any holes and tension anomalies!) When that’s complete we make a cotton device screen cleaner and learn to purl. After that I let pupils pick what they want to make. Teachers come along with their own knitting too which helps spark conversation about the wonderful world of fibre arts.