Daytripper: 4 Things I’ve Noticed

By Ann Shayne
April 6, 2021

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  • Your sweater is looking fantastic! I think your color choices really work

    • Exactly what I came here to say!

      • Thank you! I’m seeing so many good combos on Instagram. It looks so different depending on contrast, hue, etc.

  • Love your colors!!

    • Thanks, Rev! ; )

  • So glad you took to Magic Loop, Ann. I did my duty as a new knitter by knitting a couple of hats with dpns. But Magic Loop turned out to be a game changer for me. I love how – in theory – you can get down to two or three stitches with it. Not that you would. But it demonstrates the versatility of it…..Love your colors for the sweater, too, like everyone else and how the fuschia gives it that punch. And that Oatmeal probably goes with everything. (I’ve got a roomful of yarn. I don’t need this temptation:)).

    • Magic Loop + interchangeable needles = good fun for sure.

  • Love these colors—restraint with some pops. This time of year when everything has been gray /dead for months outside I veer toward loud colored sweaters that I regret a few months later.
    (Typed while wearing a screaming red FO just off the needles, while knitting Lagoon Lopi).

    • Funny you mention it–I think a wild version would be great fun. [scrambles off to color up another version]

  • This is looking so pretty! I LOVE your photos. They are beautifully done and so helpful.

    • Thanks. My eternal assistant Kermit is so helpful. He likes to art-direct while sitting on top of the thing he’s art-directing.

  • One of the wonderful benefits of the lanolin content in traditional unspun Lopi is that the sweater is practically rainproof (if it just drizzles a little and doesn’t pour). It is also dirt-repellent. My husband has a lopi sweater that he got for Christmas in 1994 and it has only been washed three or four times.

    • Oh wow, that’s so interesting. I guess sheep really do have it all figured out.

  • Perhaps another steek cutting party? It is going to take a bit of courage to cut the front of a cardigan for the first time.

    Love the colors.

    • We’re definitely having another Zoom before long. I’ll try to have something to chop up on live camera!

  • Kermit is just trying to do his job as the MDK Yarn Tester! He needs to check whether the yarn is warm and soft. He does this by taking a nap on it. Let him do his job!


  • Is that sweater as short as it looks in the picture?

    • It’s hitting at high hip when I tried it on. Definitely a shorter cardigan, but I think it’s knit to the size specs. (This is the third size.) I haven’t wet-blocked it, which may grow it a little.

  • Beautiful colors. Very wearable. I hope mine will be.

    • Yours is going to be MAGNIFICENT, Mary! I just know it!

  • I made one yoke with some colors I thought I liked base on a the swatch hat I made and then I changed my mind completely and decided on blues. I hope there is enough contrast in the new batch of lopi I ordered but I know I will like blue.

    • Blue is the universal donor of colors.

  • That’s beautiful!

    • Thank ye! Really having fun with this quick lil thing.

  • I really like your choice of colours. It looks gorgeous already.

    • Thank you, Ruth! I’m wishing the single dots of red were a bigger thing. Red is just such a good exclamation point.

      • I really like the way you used red here – *just* the tiny dots stand out with surprising effect. More would be too much here, I think!

      • How about duplicate stitch over the reds for more of the pop you want?

  • Well done you! Colors are gorgeous snd welcome to the Magic Loop fan club. I failed to swatch the yoke and now have two different sized garments in one. Considering DayTripper surgery. Will report back.

    • Next time I’ll size up on the needle to an 11 for the yoke. I usually do ok with tension on stranded knitting, but this gauge was a little tricky for me. As they say, It Will All Sort Out In The Blocking!

  • LOL…re “universal donor of colors.” Reminds me of a comment by a retailer back in the sixties that despite all the changes in fashion “it is always a ‘blue’ year.” Chloe

  • I prefer a pullover ( shown) over cardigan. Did I miss the pattern somewhere?

  • Love the color choices. My Destination would be done if I hadn’t changed my mind on color so many times and ripping out.

  • So glad to see Kermit again, at least part of him. And your beautiful sweater, too, of course, Ann.