Lazy Sunday: Shtisel is Back for a Third Season

By Kay Gardiner
April 4, 2021
Knitting and a binge watch = a day of rest.

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  • I’m on episode 5–nope, no spoilers from me! My only regret is that I can’t knit and read subtitles at the same time . My Hebrew IS good enough to discern when Yiddish is being spoken, eg when Giti and Lippe need to discuss something privately in front of their son. I’m spacing out my viewing to savour each one! All the acting is good, but some (eg Shira Haas as Ruchami) will knock your socks off. And you are not lying when you say one needn’t be Jewish to love this show—just as one needn’t be Korean to adore Kim’s Convenience.

    • I loved Kim’s convenience! It was my folding laundry program

  • I just found it again this week. Almost finished with my blanket and love the show.

  • Finished it last night. Half a body of a Destination Pullover . Many excellent by plot twists .

    • Subtitles + knitting = graduate level!

  • Luckily I can knit and “Shtisel” at the same time. I savor each episode for the brilliant acting and writing that invites us into the fascinating world of the ultra-orthodox community. Watching the plot unfold is my dessert at the end of the day.

  • I’ve been waiting! I’m so happy they are back!

  • Just finished season 3 of Shtisel-very addictive and compelling, but yes, for me as a ‘new-ish’ knitter, hard to knit and read subtitles (my hebrew and yiddish consists of random words) For other fans of the amazing Shira Haas, I enthusiastically recommend Unorthodox (also on Netflix) based on the memoir of a woman who left her orthodox community in Williamsburg in Bklyn.

    • HUGE recommendation for Unorthodox and the indeed amazing Shira Haas. That was what sent me to Shtisel. I’m on episode 4 of the first season now, and (perhaps needless to say) hooked.

    • Loved Unorthodox! So surprised to learn you are a knitter. Miriam when did you start knitting? Are you still active in the Book Arts commumity?

  • I’m also watching this! I’m knitting something simple enough that I can knit and read the subtitles at the same time. It’s riveting!

  • I am really enjoying the third season of Shtisel.

  • So true, you don’t have to be Jewish to love Shtisel. Irish/English/American here, and it grabbed me from the first moments of the first episode. But please, no spoilers – I’m just up to episode 4 of season 1!

  • I need I watch this … but I knit while watching tv, and my Hebrew and Yiddish are good enough to know when words are missing but not to not read the subtitles.
    There was an excellent piece on this season in The Forward online – FYI.
    But a good suggestion for today as we sweep up the last of the matzoh crumbs!

  • As with the other two seasons, I didn’t want it to end! The characters have become so real to me. Let’s hope there will be a season four. And yes, Unorthodox was riveting. Shira Haas will be starring as Golda Meir in an upcoming movie, the name of which eludes me at the moment. No doubt she will be amazing.

    • The young Golda Meir, I suppose? Haas has such a babyface, it’s hard to imagine her playing older than her age.

  • Ah yes, I “binged” the first 3 episodes of season 3 last night. Need to find a simpler knitting project to work on, subtitles and lace do not mix. Thanks Kay (and Ann) for all your excellent viewing recommendations.

  • I couldn’t wait for the third season and when it became available, I binge watched the whole season! It was like a favorite book I couldn’t put down.

  • Just started and loving it. I’m happy to see there are a lot of episodes per season. For me, subtitles are for Ballband knitting 🙂

    • Ok, so no spoilers. But please: platform, times, media?

  • Love the series, and yes, the cast is part of my ” most watch” series along with Blown Away, etc.

    • I must be missing something … which platform is this on?

    • Same here! I adore Netflix’s Blown Away!!

  • Oy. Never *tell* someone there’s a plot twist coming. I’m only a few episodes in.

    Some of us hate spoilers.

  • Love this show! I was so excited to see a 3rd season. And surprisingly I can knit while reading subtitles!

  • I have watched both “Unorthodox” and all 3 seasons of “Shtisel” and am soooo hoping this is NOT the end of the series. I have savored every episode and would cry my heart out if and or when they end it. I, too, cannot knit and watch this series at the same time. My parents spoke Yiddish also when they didn’t want us children to know what they were discussing. My grandparents were strictly American orthodox and kept kosher but I loved attending their synagogue with them although the women and men sat separately.

  • Thank you for the recommendation…..I loved the series !!
    It made me look for the reasoning of the many styles of hats and hair coverings the men and women wore…..also the many rituals that I watched the characters participate in!
    Hoping for another season ??

  • I’m new to MDK, and delighted to see we have the same taste in tv. Shtisel and Broadchurch are both so outstanding! Thanks!