Knit to This: Loretta Lynn

April 3, 2021

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  • I went to see her at the Tarrytown Music Hall – an amazing theater right next a yarn shop – and she was fantastic. Everything you expected and then some.

  • There was a recent Terry Gross/Fresh Air interview with Miss Loretta that I’d recommend to go along with this new CD.

  • Thank you. That was a beautiful way to start the weekend.

  • DG, I’m not even a country music fan, but you make me want to be. I always feel like you’re someone I want to sit down with for at least two cups of coffee and a long chat.

  • i was a teenager in the 60s, moved to the city in the 70s and was never not interested in country music. It’s not until I had my own children that I came to better appreciate how hard my father worked, as a coal miner.
    I never did get into country music much but I did love Loretta Lynn’s song and still am proud to say I’m a coal miner’s daughter.

  • Thank you for this! If you love Loretta, I recommend listening to her audiobook, “Me & Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust: My Friendship with Patsy Cline”, read by her daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell. Her daughter sounds just like her, and the story of her friendship with Patsy Cline is wonderful. One of my favorites.