By the Bujo: Daytripper Cardigan

By Cristina Shiffman
March 23, 2021

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  • Hi, Cristina. I’m curious to see your colored-in dot-journal chart. Can you share? (Maybe on your Rav page, if not here.)

    • Just added it to the post!

  • Love that yoke in blues – but I’m pretty much a sucker for blues. And the Lettlopi yarn from MDK offers so many gorgeous blues.

  • this is the coolest thing ever. thanks for the great instructions. I’d love to see our finished drawing, too!!

    • Thanks! Just added it to this article, Jan,

  • I am the least patient person in the world when it comes to hand writing or drawing anything but I figured out a methodology to do this in Excel using conditional formatting that lets you change the colors at will. If anyone is interested I can try to make a video to demonstrate how I did it. Not as crafty as doing it by hand but it works!

    • Would love video with your method. Thanks for the offer becuz anything with the word Excel scares me.

      • I’ll see what I can do and let you know!

    • I would, too.

      • You can at least start with an Excel template instead of drawing all those lines. Just be sure the boxes are the correct proportion.

    • I did the same thing in Excel but I used the fill cell tool to choose a color from the Lopi palette with the eye dropper tool.

    • Feel free to start a Daytripper Excel thread in the Lounge, Pamela.

      • Good idea. I’ll figure out how to explain it and post over there. Thanks!

  • Those gorgeous cool blues and warm wheat sweater colors blow my Color Me Beautiful theories right out of the water (what a relief!). Leave it to a knitter to triumph over stultifying “rules’. Bark Out a Sweater has me actually contemplating Fair Isle to warm up a shivering little Chihuahua in-law (so to speak). Is there by any chance a pattern? I would pay good money for that particular size and design. (Bark Out…wish that it would be that easy:).

  • Also, you recommend derwent pencils, but what pen are you using? Fine line sharpie?

    • I like the Pilot G-Tec-C4.

  • Everything about this post is outstanding! What a resource. Thank you, Christina.

    • Thanks, Melanie!

    • Yes, this was a keeper for sure! I’ve taken Felix’s BuJo course as well and can highly recommend that for journaling and planning out projects.

  • I love the combo of the colors in this sweater. How do I replicate? Checking your color chart leaves me confused because I do not find corresponding #s for the yarn on the website. Please help. TIA.

    • There’s a link at the top of the article to my Ravelry project page where all the color numbers are listed. A few are discontinued since I was knitting from stash, but the MC Golden Heather is in the Shop as well as Ocean Blue for the button band, Navy, Rust, Oatmeal, Air Blue, and Fjord.

  • It makes me so happy to see this. I took Felix Ford’s BuJo course and now use my BuJo for everything. Oh, and my Lopi is due to arrive on Thursday, thanks to very very fast MDK shipping, then I can play with colors in person.

  • The Knitsonik bujo course was transformational for my work flow, problem solving and creative process!