Here We Go: The Lopi Knitalong Starts Now!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 22, 2021

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  • I’m ready!! Going to try felting some Trinket mittens;)

  • I am lining up all the Lopi ready to cast on for even more beautiful knits… Such fun!

  • I love following the hashtag on Instagram – great for seeing everyone’s color choices and cheering each other on!

  • Missing the March Madness of knitting/crocheting designs. We all could participate in that….even those crafters who don’t have Facebook or Instagram.

  • Cannot wait!! Daytripper is definitely happening and some mittens too. (I keep collecting more lopi and cannot be stopped.) 😉

  • I’m excited!! I don’t do Instagram or Facebook but I LOVE the MDK Lounge!!!

  • I saw the Léttlopi pink and it was all over. Ordered Field Guide 17, yarn and needles yesterday. I think I can manage the Destination scarf.

  • I just started my Destination Scarf. I’ve never worked with Lopi yarn. I like it. My knitting group said it was itchy but I have not found that to be the case. I’m knitting to the Icelandic I have murder mystery, Trapped. It’s a very well crafted series of 10 episodes that leaves the viewer very satisfied. This series is not murder mystery light. If you want something lighter that touches Icelandic superstitions, try, The Cliff, and the second season, The Lava Field. These are also murder mysteries. All these murder mysteries are in Icelandic with English subtitles. I think on Netflix and The Cliff plus Lava Field on Prime. Happy viewing. Viewing these mysteries is a way to travel with out leaving home.
    Cheers Sue

  • So I have never made anything to gauge. I am making the scarf to prep for the destination pullover. It says 13 st and 18 rounds. I am getting 15 in 4 inches. Should I go up to get gauge? I would not worry but want to make sweater next.

    • I’m playing with all the gorgeous colors while making the scarf. I do find the wool quite scratchy against my neck. Any suggestions on softening it up a bit?

  • Gah! I need more needles — I have too many interesting MDK things going – – Destination scarf is on deck – using that to perfect my floats then onto the Stopover sweater – but I am eyeballing the daytripper and destination pullover. Did I mention I have two date driven baby blankets and a 5 year old birthday gift sweater in the works??? #knittingstressstillbeatsworkstress 🙂

  • It’s the Daytripper Cardigan for me, although Alicia Plummer’s Garnered Cardi is currently in the works! Ordered the field guide and a basket full of Lopi yarn for the Daytripper yesterday. I wanted a light to medium gray for the body, but didn’t see anything close to that among the colors, so I’m going with Ash for the body, charcoal for the trim, blues and greens in various shades for designs and a pop of yellow (Mimosa) for the tiny bits. Can’t wait! I facilitate a weekly Zoom knitting group and two of us are planning to knit the Daytripper. It promises to be great fun.

  • I am having so much fun with my destination pullover!! I would never make fuchsia…so thanks for the inspiration I’m going with exactly that! plus secrete pocket motif…just for me…and if this goes as fast as I think it will I may just jump in on the daytripper card as well.

  • Starting the trinket mittens! I have never done colorwork before and thought this might be a great place to start. I bought yarn for the daytripper cardigan too. Living in Minnesota, the mittens are a necessity and plan to wear them under choppers when it gets really cold.

  • I’m just wondering how you timed the Icelandic knit along to correspond closely with the new volcanic eruption……hmmmm 🙂

  • So I am not sure how I got to the Lounge before. I am doing the destination scarf and I have done very little color work. I have done some in flat work. I am trying to change colors and wanted to do mountains. I am having trouble with the color I am not using getting tight on the inside. How do you fix this?