The Irresistible Small Projects of Field Guide No. 17

By Kay Gardiner
March 10, 2021

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  • Unfortunately this book has been timed when there is very little Lettlopi available in the UK. So I might have to plan a trip to Iceland. . . .Oh for a second I forgot about the global pandemic. . .

  • I’m thinking of knitting mittens and felting them. Wondering how much bigger I should knit them?

    • You should watch the Zoom from Monday. This came up and Mary Jane had some good tips to follow.

      • Thx Pam! I think I briefly caught her say, knit them at a looser gauge? Like on size 10 needles?

        • It was something to the effect of literally “hand felting” them—-put them on your hands, and then wash your hands for the requisite 20 seconds, or however long it takes to get to a size and texture you like!

  • Kay, I am surprised to learn that you have never experienced using the Magic Loop method! The one thing that helps me has been to remember that when it is time to turn and go to the stitches on the next needle, I always turn in the same direction. For some reason, that helps. I don’t know if I was taught this way, or if I developed it while learning, but it has held me in good stead, especially that one time I made the two at a time toe up socks.

  • I was resisting all this until I saw that variety pack.
    I’ve tried magic loop, and 2 circulars, but I have to say for me DPNs is the way to go. Just don’t like all those dangling bits flopping around. Not to mention that a dangling circular, or a big loop of cable, is a total cat magnet, which can make knitting even more exciting…

    • I’m Team DPNs.

  • So sad that the Lettlopi Variety Pack is already sold out before 9:00 EST. 🙁

    • Like everybody else we are watching the coast for more Lopi to arrive from Iceland!

  • There’s absolutely nothing mysterious or “magic” about Magic Loop—I don’t even know why it’s called that. All you’re doing is knitting in the round and pulling your extra cable through occasionally (doesn’t even necessarily matter where) so you can keep the small circumference.

  • Once I learned Magic Loop it changed my knitting life! I will never go back to DPNs. I hope you find it helpful too!

  • The gauge for the hats is 16 sts/4″ on #9 needles; for the mittens it’s also 16/4″ but on #7 needles. Can this be correct? It seems the mittens would be knit at a tighter gauge.

    • p.s. Guess I should apologize: this question should probably be asked in the Lounge, but I just can’t figure out where I am or how to find anything there. Sorry!

  • Not gonna lie, knitting the mittens was a real challenge for me. I’d never successfully worked anything on dpns. I’d done colorwork just fine but in the round with 4 needles?! Then to turn the cuff and knit backwards? My mind still spins. But success builds on success and I’m halfway through my second pair! Wow! I’m looking through my stash to see if I have enough leftovers to make more! Thanks!