Spotlight: Destination Pullover

By Ann Shayne
March 9, 2021
Field Guide No. 17: Lopi. We're living in Mary Jane Mucklestone's world these days.

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  • I fell in love with this delightful sweater the minute I saw it! I’m team ‘bright & contrast-y’ for fun with Royal Fuchsia, Pink, and Milky Way. My vision is Fleur de Lis motif and swatch it to see for sure.

    • * swatching m

  • Could a beginner make this sweater?

  • So I love a good cardigan, but I’m not a fan of making things with serious stranding of colors. And it’s hot in Houston; pullovers make me sweat. Thinking I could just put in a steek with this pattern. Thoughts?

    • I’m in Houston too! I bet you could use the steek directions from the cardigan pattern and make it work! Great idea for the Summer AC here.

    • Yes, you could steek this. Good idea!

  • So I love that you put some colors side by side to see. Is there a way for me to do that. I want slightly more
    but want to be sure that the colors do not look crazy. I like either the blue or green but with a slightly lighter middle color.

  • I must make this for my daughter! But when I went to order the yarn, it appears that you do not have in stock the colors that the sample was knitted with? No air blue or ash heather in the shop? Am I missing something, will these colors be back in stock if they are already sold out? Please advise as I love that colorway so much better than the dark options.

  • I love this pullover for its basic structure and, of course, the pockets! The simple structure provides a blank canvas for the knitted design. The possibility of doing full out color stranding in one motif, or a combination of motifs is so enticing. High contrast neutrals, full on colors, subtle shifts… And I can see doing a solid color version.

    Thank you for sharing a behind the scenes look at the creative process and all of the pieces that need to come together for a field guide.

    Someone on yesterday’s Zoom call had a question about doing a child-size version. Is that a possibility? Maybe someone will work it out in the KAL.

  • Is there a softer alternative to the Lopi? The Lopi is just too itchy for me. Thanks.

    • Lopi is too itchy. Other suggestions?

    • A DK weight shetland type yarn would probably work ok as a sub, although the lopi is singles and shetland is plied, so the drape may be a little bit different. Malabrigo have singles spun merino that would get you the same gauge too, but I suspect that the softness (can’t quite think of the right word, but that will do) of the yarn would lead to it stretching out and losing structure over time. I’m sure if you shop around you could find a wool that was somewhere in between, single spun but with enough substance to the yarn to keep its shape, and as long as yardage is similar you should be able to get gauge within a needle size or two.

    • Someone pointed out in the zoom yesterday that the Felix Cardigan and Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffers is also knit at a loose gauge and that the yarns suggested for those patterns might be a good substitute for Lopi yarn.

  • Is there an easy way to adjust where the upper color change occurs? I’m not sure I would want it across the fullest part of my bust.

  • I am confused as to how to do the sloped bind off. I am working on the sweater back, but am I binding off on the purl side as well? I’m not picturing how it will turn out even…