Announcing: The Designer for Field Guide No. 17

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
February 10, 2021

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  • Woo hoo!
    Can’t wait to see what beautiful things she’ll dream up.

  • Yahooooo!! Can’t wait.

  • I hope there are plans afoot to have travel plans in the mix !! My sister and I have been packed for the last two years ! SUZABELLA

  • Oh I love her! This is very exciting.

  • So excited! I just got her Fair Isle Motifs book. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the Field Guide.

  • Oh I’ll go anywhere with MJM. Subscribed in a flash.

  • Mary Jane Mucklestone is a legend in my Pennsylvania knit shop. BRAVO!

  • Wow!! Love Mary Jane!! I have all her books and love using them for inspiration. A Wonderful surprise for sure!

  • Love Mary Jane❤️ I think she used to have her own yarn through Classic Elite, no? The colours were spectacular.

  • Wow! She is a fantastic designer and knitter. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

  • Well, this certainly brightened up my day!!!

    Make that my life at the moment!

    Let’s go!

  • So excited! Took a class from her too many years ago. Wonderful teacher! Wonderful creativity. Can’t wait.

  • I’m so excited. I purchased the Shetland Wool Week pattern book and have been on a mission to learn color work along with stranded knitting. Pure Bliss.

  • I dream….of travelling to the Shetland Islands. And I would come so close if only this subscription offer (and shipping) was available to . This looks like another wonderful adventure.

    • to CANADA. Seems my little CANADIAN flag did not show up in my post.

    • You can still get the field guides individually. It’s only the yearly subscription that is US only. I’m in the UK and have one in hard copy and several electronic ones of previous field guides. They are great and I’m excited to see this new one too!!!

  • Hooray!! I am looking forward to this! MJ is a talent. And nice person.

  • Wow! Love her knits.

  • Yippee. I bought FairIsle Weekend and I love it. I hope I get the metal stand – I think I may have put my order in before that offer was a part of it.

  • Let’s plan a field trip to Scotland !

  • Gorgeous photos! Anyone know what type of boots those are?

    • They look like Xtratuf Legacy Fishing Boots

      • Thank you!

  • YES!!!!

  • Yay! Mary Jane is one of the most awesome knitters on the planet❤️

  • I’d love to subscribe, but I live in Canada. When will you be opening up to other countries?

  • Her Xtra-tuffs boots are the official boot here in Alaska, too bad she didn’t turn them down so the lovely insides could be seen.

  • How can I get #17 only instead of getting all 3 in the series?

  • Very exciting – one of my favorite designers! Can’t wait for #17!

  • Sold! Well-played, MDK.