Lazy Sunday: The Lost Kitchen

January 31, 2021

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  • I love how passionately you write about this story. It’s almost enough to make me send a postcard all the way from the UK without even watching the programme!!

  • OMG!!!!! Yaaaas that amazing place – have read about it. Getting my postcards ready right after I knit a few rows this morning before online church.

    Thank you for the nudge dude: in perspective and towards more whimsy (vocab word for my online students this week!).

    Your writing is what my brain requires:
    I am SO missing my people from my other life who filled my days with regular hilarity and sweet, wry wonderment sprinkled with a bit of sass.
    Thank you

  • I would bet there are a LOT of free trials for Discovery + starting today. Between DG’s beautifully written “Ode toThe Lost Kitchen” (minus poetry format) and the included trailer, I am in! Thank you!

  • Pandemic-crazed Brooklynites live to tick off these boxes. I am hopeful that the whole region can clear out their attics to supply this market and keep themselves afloat

  • Your bio is hilarious. Yes, that’s a pretty ridiculous ask for a logo. I give up!! Lol

  • It’s interesting what people will obsess over. She has obviously implemented a wildly successful marketing strategy.

  • I discovered this on Discovery+ about two weeks ago and could not stop watching! I was hooked immediately. And yes I will write a postcard, I will hope my phone rings, and if it does I will somehow get to Freedom, Maine.

  • I’ve sent a postcard every year… no calls. *saddest frown face*

  • Upon reading the author’s bio, I had to empathize. As a tattoo artist, I was asked to incorporate way more crazy things into a design. One that I recall included, but wasn’t limited to, the recipient’s fiancé, an American flag, the TCB logo, a smoking gun, a cowboy hat, etc. I tried talking him out of this but he was adamant. Truth really is stranger than fiction!

  • I’m sure it’s a beautiful restaurant and the food is delicious but the whole concept just leaves a bad taste in my mouth!