Knit to This: Transatlantic Sessions

By Kay Gardiner
January 30, 2021

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  • Delightful! Thank you!

  • They are my favorite cds to listen to, have been colle ting for Over 7 years

    • Thank you!!

  • Long time favorite. I love collaborations! I have the entire colection.

  • Ashoken Farewell! Chills! I can’t wain until Covid is in the past…I can’t wait to make music with my friend once again

    • *Friends

  • Lovely, thanks for introducing me to this. I’ve never heard of them., but love it.

  • Thank you! This will be a total pleasure as a change from my default classical music mode.

  • Now that is a fantastic gift. I never knew about this collaboration- so such a nice surprise! Thank you, thank you

  • This makes me weep. Thank you.

  • Just listened to two and a half hours of the music from the Transatlanic Sessions…no knitting. It appears I can’t knit and tap my feet at the same time! Fabulous and an awakening for a long time lover of Celtic/Folk music. How did I miss this. Thank you!

    • I like your name!

  • I am enjoying this music today while knitting

  • Thank you so much! You always have good suggestions, but I am truly loving this one!

  • So wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Just spent a cold and blowy afternoon in front of the fire, knitting and listening. Thank you for the perfect excuse to do nothing but enjoy myself

  • Oh how I needed this. Thank you. I love it. I have Alexa playing them while I continue to knit!

  • Thank you for this suggestion, I never heard of these sessions either, so wonderful. Especially the session where Allison Moorer sings 2 songs, wow!

  • Finishing up a stranded knit hat with hand spun Shetland and Merino wool…getting TransAtlantic in the knit. What a great set of musicians to knit to.

  • Thank you so much. More music is +++ addition to why I subscribe to your website. J

  • Thank you so much, I listened to Transatlantic Sessions all day on a snowy Sunday. Hard to knit when my eyes kept going to the great photography and the interactions of the musicians. I forwarded the link to several friends who I know will enjoy it too. You made my day!

  • Really wonderful music, thank you! This is a gift that I’ll come back to again and again –