The Field Guide No. 16 Kaffe-along Starts Now!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
January 4, 2021

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  • Good morning! I’ve been going through field guide 16 and it’s really lovely. I was thinking I would make one of the scarves, but it seems the kits for the scarves are sold out? Will you be getting them back in stock? I’m particularly interested in the village scarf

  • Thanks for this Kaffealong, I’ve just been waiting. I’ve got my field guide and collected some Rowan Felted Tweed! Now for those little houses!

  • Color me crazy! I have three projects going on simultaneously, but I can’t resist a kaffe anything. I love both your #13 and #16 booklets covering Kaffe’s colorful world, so I will dive in and joyfully come out with something to join the party. Color on!!

  • I have been swatching little houses, in preparation for casting on today, but I’ve hit an intarsia stumbling block. When you do the door/window, do you treat those as fair isle, ie just carry a float along, or treat it as intarsia, meaning yet more yarns to tangle up? With all the little houses Kay has done, I’m sure there’s a ready answer!

    • That’s totally up to you. On my little houses, I treated the windows as intarsia. I’ve seen others strand the windows with good results. It doesn’t make much of a difference to the tangle.

  • I’m in! But I’m not making any promises. Going to do a City Scape pillow using my 10 pack that I bought and still haven’t started. In theory, I shouldn’t be finishing things right now but, in reality, it’s just me and my knitting in my house and we’ll do whatever we want.

    See you all in the lounge.

  • Thinking about doing my first ever KAL… question that I can’t seem to find the answer to: how many cushions does one get out of 9 balls of yarn? Is it just one or more?

    • We haven’t done any calculation of how many cushions you can get out of a number of balls of Felted Tweed, Just in terms of yardage, and depending on the cushion size of course, you can expect to get several cushions out of 9 balls of yarn. If you want a solid-color cushion back, you may need to get another ball of that color (or you may not), or you can stripe or color-block the backs. But on these multi-color charts, you end up using relatively little of each color, so 9 balls would go a long way.

  • I’m so in, I’ve two projects going from Field Guide 13 and completed 3. Do I dare start another? Of course!!! This knit along is the perfect opportunity to start my first intarsia project of Kaffe’s designs from #16. I was gifted the kite throw kit and today’s the the day for my new challenge to begin.

  • Well timed! I had set myself a challenge for holiday knitting in the stranded throw in Field Guide 13 as I have never knitted a blanket. Why not a Kaffe one to keep me interested? So I’m in….

  • Any tips on converting the cowl or village scarf into a throw? Will there be too many ends to weave in? Thank you

  • I have gotten two rows of the cowl finished How do I post a photo?

  • Where do I find the knit along in the mdk lounge? I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  • Can’t wait for my kit to come!!! Have been watching the tips – and my hands are just itching to get started!!