The Ultimate Lazy Sunday Compendium

By Ann Shayne
January 3, 2021

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  • This is just brilliant! Thank you so much for all you do to inject a little sanity and calm into our lives. I’m the knitter, but my husband also enjoys sharing in your wonderful, inspirational listening and viewing ideas. Keep ‘em coming into 2021 please!

  • I can’t get these to open!

  • A big reccomendation for the very funny British game show Taskmaster available on YouTube. Don’t let the phrase game show dissuade you. 5 comedians have been filmed performing ridiculous tasks. They then come on stage as a panel and are judged by the Taskmaster who is an imperious, 6′ 8″ former high school teacher whose judgement is personal, swift and final.If you watch British shows, you’ll recognize some of the comedians. An arc of a story forms over the season as personalities develop and relationships form. The sweet, clever and much maligned sidekick to the Taskmaster is actually the show’s producer. Very funny, very human, very oddball British. 10 seasons!

    • Hard second! Yes, this is hilarious. We’ve been watching a few episodes an evening, my partner a genius at downloading things from the internet, because some of the seasons are hard to find. A great binge.

  • Won’t open for me either

  • Hail to great curators. Your lists remind me that I want/need to rewatch so many. The zillions more … I have a plan. I will book reservations to watch specifics on my calendar. I‘ll never get to all of them, so there will plenty of random left for spur of the moments. Just finished “Peaky Blinders.” I found the music addicting. Very best of “appointment television.” Not sure how much good it did my soul. I didn’t fast forward. Now a few episodes in on “Your Honor.” Tell all your lies before you start this one. Cause you’re gonna have some trouble with that after you see what can happen.
    Hove the laziest Sunday, all. HNY

    • I’ve just started down the Peaky Blinders rabbit hole and it’s so good!

  • There are actually too many great shows to watch now! Add to that the need for closed captioning for all British shows and less knitting is getting done, alas.

  • Thanks for all of the ideas! We are always looking for someone good!
    Just finished Bridgerton and almost done with The Durrells in Corfu. Both good. Also, started watching the old “Mad About You” TV series. We watch 2 of those before bed as they are funny and light. The best series we’ve watched in this quarantine was Mr. Selfridge. Sooo good. And yes, we watched Schitt’s Creek twice, it’s just so bizarre and funny and warm in its own way.

  • I opened it with np. Great idea, going to share with a cousin who listens while knitting.
    Btw, I have a great AT & T android phone that I need to update. MDK a Fyi: if you use Apple tech, Apple does Not play with other phones. Vice versa for knitters trying to open Non Apple transmissions. For example emojis I send to Apple phones are seen as question marks. Apple wants to take over, gobble, gobble
    Food for thought, my phone cost less than $100

    • What is np?

  • When I first found the Helen Mirren version of Prime Suspect I was blown away by her acting because she was so human, warts and all ! I will try the new version but she doesn’t have the warts yet

    • It’s fascinating to see Jane Tennison as a dewy young woman, though, isn’t it? I found it plausible that she started out as she did—innocent but determined to forge ahead with eyes open, heedless of the consequences of her choices—and became the fuller character she was by the time Helen Mirren played her.

      • I also loved the music they played with Tennison.