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  • Dear ladies, I love what you’re doing with Kaffe – I knitted his big chrysanthemum cardigan when it first came out. But does anyone else share my problem with Rowan’s Felted Tweed – it makes me sneeze uncontrollably… I don’t think I can use it any more!

    • Not happened with this yarn for me, thank you God, 🙂 but it has with others and I had to give them up. I feel your pain. Might try soaking a skein in a good wool wash to if that helps. Good luck.

    • No sneezing here, but I have to say that as much as I love these designs and colors, I do not love how scratchy Felted Tweed. My first experience with it was when I used it held double for a Carbeth pullover. Even after a few washings, it’s only wearable with a heavy turtle-neck top. I’m only moderately susceptible to scratchy wool, so this was a huge disappointment! I’ve wanted to ask if anyone else had this problem but didn’t want to rain on the Kaffe Fassett parade. Suggestions for yarn alternatives would be welcome. Sorry Ann and Kay.

      • I have a bunch of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky…using it instead of felted tweed. Doing fair isle from previous MDK
        Fassett field guide, Am curious to see how it works.

        • I too need alternative yarn ideas. So anxious to add Kaffe to the queue for the new year.
          Thanks in advance, everybody.

      • I am in awe of the way the inside looks on the cowl and the scarf. I have been struggling with Brandon Mably’s Union Jack Cardi for several years now. I pick it up and do some and then have to take a break with something else. I watched the Kaffe Fassett video, which was so helpful and have weaned myself off bobbins. What’s relief! But the inside does not look pretty. Tons of ends to weave in, some of which I do as I go as I can’t stand to look at them. Any tips on making the weaving look pretty?
        Just discovered MDK a couple of weeks ago. A BIG thank you for this. So lovely to have a community AND some video tutorials

  • Looks like so much fun!! Inspiration overload! Looking forward to seeing what pops up on Jan. 4!!

  • It sounds brilliant and a large chunk of cheer to keep us going. Happy New Year everyone!

  • All those projects look gorgeous. Love all the color. I’ve recently been having coughing/sneezing symptoms too (NOT Covid) and wondering if it was the yarn. However, it seems to be more random. Will eventually check it out but just writing in sympathy for the Felted Tweed problem. Love Cristina’s little green catch-all bowl. I miss pottery shows! (I’m assuming that’s pottery. Although the color looks a lot like oxidized copper).

    • Yes, I have had this problem, especially with alpaca. Wearing a mask solves the problem. Sounds awful, but it does take the misery away. Recently I bought some Rowen worsted wool not knowing the shop owner kept a cat in her shop. The cat would rub up against stock displayed in floor level cubbies. I was a mess and blamed the wool till I discovered cat hair on the yarn. Mask helped. Shop owners… warn customers if you keep a cat in your store!!

  • Have my yarn, Field Guild, and now tendinitis in my wrist from knitting too many hats on double points. Ugh! I may not be able to begin the City Scape until later in January. Looking forward to seeing all the creations.

    • My thumbs have gone wonky!

  • I Cannot Wait! I Cannot Wait! I Cannot Wait!
    Pretty much my perpetual MDK KAL chant but seriously, I just ordered my Village Scarf kit as I’m about to finish my Picket Fence mini-afghan for a brand new little friend due in March. I taught his mommy to knit when she was our young babysitter and I’m making the afghan in colors from their wedding five years ago. So I can’t wait to go from two colors to so many!

  • Field Guide 13 has been my sanctuary through this year. My studio looks like a Rowan yarn shop and a herniated disk has left me pretty immobile to just sit and knit, always look for the blessing through the trials in life. I’m so excited to get started on the kite kit my children gifted me with and now a fabulous knit along. Can’t express how grateful I am for MDK!

    • Is there a link to a forum or Ravelry or FB where the KAL communication is please?
      I’m new to MDK. Have my Painterly and yarn and ready to go on Monday
      Thank you

  • Ditto — I am very grateful for MDK and all the contributors and followers. It’s pretty much the first thing I do once I have my coffee in hand — check out the daily letter. Looking forward to seeing what people create. So much creativity out there. Happy New Year, y’all. Thinking of you, Ann — Nashville has had its share of trauma this past year. . .

  • Pull from the tangle is my mantra!

  • I have already completed a cityscape pillow top. Started and couldn’t stop! I hope your KAL contains info on the finishing of this piece. I have it pinned to a throw pillow and starring in the center of my guest room bed. No guests in sight, it’s just there to please me!

  • Thank you, for showing the back of the watercolor cowl! I will rip mine out after carrying the main yarn horizontally and use individual yarn balls vertically! That photo was a real help! it would have been helpful, if that were part of the Painterly booklet, I bought!

  • If you’d rather not pull from the tangle, make yarn butterflies: https://youtu.be/q0q89FZzrMQ

  • My first intarsia. Had no problem knitting from balls as long as there were 3 colors per row. Four color rows did require a bit of “adjustment”, but easier than a whole lot of extra ends to deal with(or spit-splicing), from using hanging Chad’s☺️

  • Roll on Monday and the start of the Kaffe KAL! I’ll be finishing my Cityscape scarf (thank you for including it above) and will be starting a cushion cover using the Village motif.

  • I love the lightness and the fantastic colour range of Felted Tweed, but as a sub I’d suggest Plymouth yarns Equinox (Merino/Silk/linen) — its a light DK and truly lovely to knit with and just creates a beautiful, supple fabric that is lovely next to the skin…and at a great price point.