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  • Re natural dyeing, I had a favorite Christmas book as a child which had a story in it called something like “Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens.” Granny Glittens knitted mittens for all the children in hef little town, but just before Christmas, she ran out of colored yarn. So in the story, she dyed her white yarn with peppermint candy, licorice sticks, and I forget what-all else, and of course the children loved their mittens even more because they smelled so delicious.

    • I loved that story, too. Although my memory is that they didn’t just smell their mittens, they ate them! I remember having feelings that mixed up wool and cotton candy, burnt sugar and peppermint

  • Ordered the sheep history (from Blackwells in London for the Amazon adverse, same price, free shipping, support an historic bookstore!). It looks like just the sort of book I love. Also, another embroidery on knitting book that is really fun to look through is Anna Zilbourg’s Splendid Apparel.

    • Thanks for mentioning Blackwells, I will check it out! Always prefer to order UK books directly from the UK.

    • Thanks for the Blackwells tip. Much more affordable than Amazon too.

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I see a few books I’ll be ordering soon. My 2021 goal is to expand my knitting knowledge and now I know where to head first (and second)!

  • Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone sent in their 5 favorite knitting or knitting-related books and a tally was made to see if there were any consistent winners?

    • For starters, I propose we go on the book path where Jillian is shining a light. I have the Japanese stitch bible, but like all bibles it’s daunting!

  • Love these titles, but not Amazon. Would you consider linking directly the the publisher, or bookshop.org instead?

    • Yes, please!! That would be wonderful

  • I have always loved books since I was a child and I was fascinated by the ladies at the knitting store. Being an only child I learned to entertain myself but I took my first knitting class in 1983 and I haven’t stopped

  • Santa must have seen my “aha moments” when I’ve read Kate Atherley’s articles on MDK – I have it on good authority under the tree this Christmas will be a copy of Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter. I’ve been wanting to design a shawl but didn’t know where to start – looking forward to curling up with a cup of coffee and the book.

  • There used to be Ruth Asawa stamps for sale, but it seems they’re gone now. I still have a few! https://store.usps.com/store/results?Ntt=ruth+asawa&_requestid=944744