Knit to This: The American Barbecue Showdown

December 5, 2020

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  • Thanks DG, this review had me cackling with laughter. I’ll have to see if this show is available in the UK.

  • Three cheers to my newly adopted home state of North Cackalacky where I’m totally embracing the vinegar based pork BBQ!!

  • I watched this when it came out and I agree, it’s great fun! Love your assessment of the side dishes!

  • My Joy of Cooking cookbook, from the fifties (or so) has possum! Also squirrel and other American bush meat.
    My mom may have something to say about that, but I think her least fave was duck that her father brought home, and maybe taking out a chicken or two. Since, as she reminded me, during the Great Depression, everybody in Baton Rouge had a vegetable garden and a chicken run in the backyard.

  • Love this! Adding to my watch list now. Also a native North Carolinian. Lexington Style all the way!

  • Reminds of how the PBS series “The Story of English” subtitled Yorkshire farmers and Chesapeake Bay fishermen.

  • Dear MDK, if you accomplish nothing else (other then your stellar yarns and newsletters and stuff) you have got to get DG Strong back to that blog! I will be remembering bits and pieces for the rest of the weekend and getting a stomach ache from suppressed laughter. Thanks!

    • As a Greensboro native, its vinegar (and Cole slaw on the bun) all the way for me! Another bingeable show from the GBBS producers is The Great Pottery Throwdown on HBO Max.

      • Oh I love the Great Pottery Throwdown – I managed to watch most of it on YouTube a while back – I didn’t know it was in HBO Max or I would have written about that instead!

  • I will watch with glee and share with my Mississippi brother-in-law, who while looking out at a fox squirrel at our farm last week mused “he looks like he’s got a fair amount of meat on him” and sounded hungry.

  • Not to quibble, but someone has to stand up for the deliciousness of Texas BBQ! 😉
    This sounds like great watching, though!

  • I’m from NC too and what you said is the only way! Unfortunately I live in a state where “barbecue” is a verb.

  • Let’s hear it my fellow North Cackalakians! I laugh every time I see subtitles for southern accents because it is music to my ears. I am a Lexington style person myself but it is fun to live in a place with several different styles to try, and you don’t have to go that far to sample them.

  • If the show is even half as entertaining as your review it’ll be a big hit!

  • “…spoiler alert- an iguana joke…”

  • Wish Netflix would acquire The Great American Baking Show. Not a fan of BBQ. But going through the GBBS a second time around. And knitting.