Loudon Wainwright III

November 28, 2020

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  • Thank you for telling us about this record (who typed that?) – I am a big LW III fan. To me he’s an intellectual & layered songwriter & he carries those qualities when he chooses the songs of others to cover. Look forward to hearing these songs.

  • My heart goes out to you as a former graphic designer, who now also knits. And many thanks for the music!!

  • I feel we should put a warning on the More I Cannot Wish You video. It’s made me cry twice now! And I’m going back for more…

  • Oh, I hear Rufus’ lovely reedy voice.

  • I’m a long-time fan of Wainwright’s, and can’t wait to find this album. For those who like (what seems to be) this type of nostalgia, I can’t recommend more highly Bryan Ferry’s 1999 album, “As Time Goes By.” It’s definitely a desert-island treat.

  • Love Loudon and had no idea this album existed. Thank you!!

  • A trip to a 1920s Parisian jazz club? Sounds like the bee’s knees, I’m going!

  • Thank you for this recommendation! I’ve been listening on repeat ever since.

  • Catch the interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.