The Queen and the Crown

By Ann Shayne
November 22, 2020

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  • At recommendation of MDK, I watched The Queen’s Gambit. I loved it and immediately noticed the great clothes worn by so many of the female lead characters. Great story with great costumes! Will have to check out this virtual exhibit! Thank you!

  • Ann, I would totally love wearing that dress (on the occasion some day when I imagine wearing a dress again). I love it.

  • The costumes were fabulous. The home decor, equally so. We need a wallpaper room, too!

  • Thank you for the detailed read.

  • Thank you for this info about the virtual tour! It’s amazing! We just finished the The Crown episode last night of the Australian tour and saw the gorgeous red silk dress Diana wore. So fun to read more about it in this museum piece. BTW, both The Crown and the The Queen’s Gambit have been quite entertaining!

  • Loved seeing The Gambit costumes, Ann! Haven’t watched it yet but looking at the clothes was like seeing them just yesterday (the 60’s – I presume here – were my decade). I still miss those fashions.

  • The virtual exhibit is fabulous. I loved the stories behind many of the costumes. I need to rewatch The Queen’s Gambit. Just finished watching The Crown.

  • It is an amazing website … and a good look at the details. Especially nice when we can’t travel there to see it in person!
    That being said –these are costumes — designers interpretations to character, not artifacts. I find it so interesting that Brooklyn Museum is doing this … as they no longer have a costume department (they gave it all to the Met). But normally, these type of exhibits bring in people, and with them, money.
    But so much fun!