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  • I love the effect the different background colors have on the “paint” square. I honestly look at the pictures of this cowl more than I should admit.

  • Loving those little houses more and more. I’m thinking of a throw of those houses, wondering if it’s best to knit all of one piece (probably not) or in individual houses, seamed together (maybe), or in strips, like several scarves and seamed (probably the best compromise for me). Thank you for more from Kaffe Fassett! Your first Field Guide of his designs changed my knitting life, and this one continues the adventure.

  • Think this might end up my first foray into intarsia

  • these look like such fun but I have to finish my husbands cardigan for Christmas and I’m already worrying about enough yarn with only 3 skeins left for the sleeves and front band. Pray for me. can’t find anymore.

    • Diane, I have been there! I hope you have enough yarn to finish your gift! I am sure your husband will love it, as long as he is “knit worthy.”

    • Good luck! If all else fails, perhaps a contrast band would be a nice solution?

  • I ordered the background yarns to make the watercolor cowl and I was surprised at how quickly my order came. Thank you for your excellent service. Can’t wait to get started today.

  • These little houses! So very charming and I’m going to make one after Christmas during our long January:) I’m thinking of embroidering the house address above the front door along with some embroidered french knot flowers under the window for a pin cushion for my sister.

    • What a lovely idea! I thought I couldn’t love the houses more, but you delightfully proved me wrong!

    • Oooh, I like this!

  • I already see how addictive making tiny houses is going to be. When you’ve run out of pincushion recipients, I think these could be adapted—with small-gauge yarn, one chimney, no sky, a back (could be done in one piece a la beekeeper hexagons), and a little stuffing—as Christmas tree ornaments. I’ve made these in needlepoint and don’t see why it wouldn’t work with knitting.

  • OK, I may have to get over my avoidance of intarsia and dip in a toe. The houses are winning me over!

  • The little swatches are so cute. I can’t let go of the idea of putting them in tiny frames to hang in a fancy dollhouse.

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