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  • Absolutely gorgeous!!! Incredible work!!!

    • Ahhh! Gorgeous!!! Kaffe never disappoints!

  • YES! THANK YOU! Brighten the winter. Just registered!

    • We are ridiculously excited about our conversation with Kaffe. So glad you can be there!

  • Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh girls! The no-cal candy store is open! Thank you for such a delightful presentation.

    • Also: carb-free, gluten-free, and high-fiber!

  • I worked out of stash and finished some WIPs in anticipation of this. The decks are cleared and I am ready! The designs are each perfect in their own way. Now to decide what to knit first…

    • So glad to hear it! I’m having a hard time deciding where to start, too.

  • One of the happiest pieces of mail arrived. And it’s wonderful. But now I need to face the fact: Intarsia is the only knitting tach inquest I avoided until now. Will we have a mini master class so we can dive into Kaffe’s world?

    • It’s the knitting technique I avoided

    • Absolutely! Watch for Monday’s post from Jen Arnall-Culliford. I think you’ll love her video tutorial.

  • So excited! Loved the last KF MDK Guide – and yesterday took 2 VKL classes on intarsia. I’m ready!!!

    • Wow that’s such excellent timing. These designs are so geometric and rhythmic that they’re all great places to start out with intarsia.

  • Yes! I want them all!

  • Oh, my heart…..

  • Oh wow, it’s beautiful! It’s making me look forward to a long winter.

  • I appreciate Kaffe Fassett’s work, but would have appreciated the inclusion of a project more doable for a beginner. I realize my comment is not in sync with most of your skilled followers.

    • Hi Jan! If you can knit and purl, then the Cityscape scarf is totally doable. Look out for my post on Monday – there are video tutorials and I’m sure you can do it! It’s a beautiful design, and would be great for a beginner (provided you can knit, purl, cast on and cast off). I do hope that helps!

    • Hi Jan! Great news–our Field Guide No. 13: Master Class features a design by Kaffe Fassett that is perfect for a new knitter: the Garter Stripe Shawl. It’s all the fun of playing with Kaffe’s colors in a project that is 100% garter stitch. We know of so many knitters who have had a ton of fun with it. Here’s the Ravelry listing:


      And here’s our selection of Rowan Felted Tweed, in 48 colors:

      And here’s a giant bundle of Felted Tweed colors at 10% off if you really want to go for it:

  • Hurray, I, too, have been waiting. Knitters colorwork is my Jam don’t be afraid to try. I love color and I have a parallelogram cushion from Kaffe’s patterns. Such fun to make 11 colors. I picked my own. I cant post a picture as I need an updated phone.
    Thanks, MDK I will order and knitting for winter from #16.
    Be cautious with your health, I had a COVID19 scare and I’m slowly recovering from slight pneumonia. Ugh all the best Happy high knitting season!!

    • Oh Madeline, I’m so glad to hear you’re recovering–I hope you’re 100% soon. And so glad you’re having fun with colorwork–it really is such an escape.

  • Can you please add this volume to the field guide bundle? Thank you.

    • Hi Marcia!

      Thank you for writing. We add Field Guides to our Make Your Own Bundle offering once they are no longer our newest, most current Field Guide. So this Field Guide will be available next year as part of that promotion.

  • Is the large kite throw pictured with a cup of tea, the cool colored set? It somehow looks darker than the box shown. Old eyes.

  • Wow, wow, wow – I love Kaffe!

  • Ooh, I love it all. Thank you to all of you for your hard work to make it happen <3

  • So much fun! Can’t wait to dive in! XO

  • These designs are amazing, but not even half as much as HIM!! What the world needs now is Kaffe, sweet (colorful) Kaffe!! I just love every one of these!

  • Love the Field Guide, this will be my first, the projects all look yummy and doable, however, am I going to be able to afford to knit any of them? I know the wool is fab, and this is a top designer pattern, but it is also over $100 for a scarf! COVID-19 says no, just drool over the Guide!

  • Gorgeous. The colors! Those geometric designs! Gulp, the intarsia. I have done it. I kind of enjoyed it, mine was just not done well. I have complete faith that I will learn from Jen this time.

    Beautiful collection Kaffe Fassett and MDK.

  • want want . she mutters

  • I know the designs in the last Kaffe field guide were interchangeable. Does this one work the same way? Specifically, could one knit the cushion with the village pattern? Thank you! And thank you for being a daily bright spot!

  • I tried to sign up for the Zoom conversation, but all I see is one for Arne and Carlos. I’m sure I’m doing it wrong…

  • since I already have painterly, is there possibly a chance I could replace this with the sock book? I believe it is wonderly, but not sure, I am making socks, and believe this would be wonderful. If not, I am willing to purchase the book

  • That village scarf triggered a long-forgotten memory! Did Kaffe design a sweater vest with houses on it sometime in the 90s? Pretty sure my mom knit it for my architect dad. I remember counting the windows as I was falling asleep.

  • A question..I will be using Felted Tweed for one of my Kaffe Fassett projects, but would like to use some Alpaca from a previous Field Guide for another of his projects. What is your opinion using alpaca instead of felted tweed?

  • Beautiful! Wish that I could knit ALL of them now, instantly!

  • AArg, wish I had seen the corrections to 28 inches instead of 36″ length before I finished! Also, just cannot understand the directions for the applied I-cord edges, do they curl up over the edge or behind the work?