A Library in a Box: the MDK Field Guide Collection

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
November 9, 2020

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  • I have all of the Field Guides and love them. Can I buy the slipcase by itself to put them in?

    • In wondering about the slipcase as well. Thanks.

  • Yes! I second that request. I have them all and would love to purchase just the slipcase. Thanks.

    • I have the same question! I have all the Field Guides and would live to purchase matching slip covers as my collection grows.

  • I was wondering the same thing! It would be great to be able to purchase just the slipcover, as I also have the complete set.

  • Great deal. I have only two field guides at present and plan to ask for the bundle as a holiday gift. Will you also make the downloads available with the bundle? I find them easier to work from.

  • I would also like to buy the slipcase too!

  • Slipcase!! Great idea!!!

  • I too have all the Field Guides and would love to purchase the Slipcase.

  • I was wondering the same about the slip case

  • Team Slipcase here. I’m a long time Field Guide collector too, like most of the commenters
    in this thread, and would love to have a place to keep them all together.

    • Ditto!

      • Double ditto! I have all the Guides, but would LOVE the slipcase!

  • i’ll cast my ballot fort the separate slipcase, too.

  • Yet another vote for the ability to purchase slipcase only, since I already have all the guides (and am looking forward to the next!)

  • I’ll add my voice/request. I’ve always wanted a slipcase. In fact, I’d buy two so I have one for Field Guides 16 -30 as they are published.

  • I, too, would love to have a slipcase as well, having purchased all of the Field Guides already.

  • Sounding like a broken record, but yep, 2 slip cases for this devoted fan.

  • I would love separate slipcase as I have all the field guides. I plan to purchase any future slip guides.

  • Well, gee, all these people wanting the slipcase, I just had to say I don’t have ANY field guides, and I’m planning to put the books and the slipcase on the top of my Santa list. I’ve been debating a bundle for ages, but getting the set would relieve me of the burden of picking which ones I want….

  • Yes please on the slipcase separately! I would love to have all my little books together

  • Same for me….slip case, please! Thank you!

  • I have every single Fieldguide and would love the slipcase. Maybe it could be included with the next subscription purchase/delivery?

  • What a wonderful opportunity. Is it available through any seller in Europe?

  • Add my vote for being able to purchase the slipcase separately! I have the first 15 books, and the case would be great!