Snippets: The Little Newsletter That Could

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
October 30, 2020

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  • Wow, I thought I had lost a day! This is Friday! Trick or Treat!

  • L O V E Snippets, and everyday’s post. My morning ritual is now coffee and an MDK post… Since the pandemic is again spreading rapidly, I’ve decided to embrace my current normal as normal, and will embrace the “new normal” of hanging out with living, breathing people- most of whom will be knitting!

    • I agree. I think accepting and moving on from here is the best way to ultimately recover. I’m new to the daily MDK post and I love it!

  • Oh good, woke up to our first snowfall and thought it was time to start planning some Xmas shopping. For MY Xmas present…and I’ve been extra good to survive this year so far!

    • I also woke up to a first snow, but am well on my way in making Christmas gift socks. I started with the sock Knitalong in the late summer. I am on my seventh pair (had to keep the first pair for myself as I only had my learners permit then, and it showed!). It’s going very well, so I should add to the Knitalong blog.

      I enjoy Snippets and have learned a lot with the tips given (improved Kitchener stitch for one). I also enjoy the chuckles.

      Have a lovely day, all.

  • Thanks so much for Snippets! They are my first read with my first coffee–dark roast with cream, as we do here in the Deep South. There’s always a new idea, a new project, a chance to learn a new technique, or a thoughtful idea. Look forward to it. Thanks from Another Ann….

  • What does FO mean?

    • Could depend on the context, I suppose. Here it means Finished Object, or “ fini objet d’art” if you prefer!

      • Thank you! I knew I should know it but wasn’t coming g up with anything

      • In some quarters, FOs are rare sightings, UFOs more frequently seen. Snowing here too–pretty against the red leaves that fell recently.

  • I read everyday, and look forward to MDK in my mail. I just learned that Snippets has more! I’ll start checking Snippets too.

  • I love snippets, too. What I don’t love is 30° this a.m. on the New England coast and snow inland. NO what happened to fall? Who ordered this weather? I want names lol. Yes, it’s great stay in be cozy and knit weather. However, in my experience when it’s really cold in October, here comes an extremely hard winter. Thankfully, I have heat and my apartment in a building with nice neighbors. Things have changed, we will not have a Halloween party this year. I have many blessings in my senior housing.
    I do miss the socializing most of all. I do thank God that all of my extended family are healthy today. Keep knitting!!

    • All things strange but yet we look for the wonderful within them this year. We may be separated and shut in but we have MDK to connect us to fellow knitters and artist. Every morning I search my mail for MDK to brighten my start. Its been a true blessing!!! Good health and God bless you all.

  • You made me think I messed up my memory test and couldn’t remember what day it was. Great Trick r Treat trick. Hahaha

  • I LOVE snippets! I’ve never ready a newsletter like I real MDK newsletters. Love, love, love you guys.

  • This is a little nugget of sanity and joy in a country and a world going to heck in a hand basket. If we could only fill that hand basket with yarn …

  • Love “Snippets”! It’s my morning coffee read. I recommend it to all my knitting friends who aren’t already members. So refreshing and interesting. Cheers to all. Remember to VOTE!

  • OH ! Panic struck when I saw Snippets ! I’m in school at the ripe old age of 67 and I procrastinate when it comes to doing the things that I don’t want to do.
    It’s really Friday and I’m okay

  • I read my Snippets in my pajamas this morning, as I do every Saturday morning! So excited about the holiday shop!

  • Once again, gorgeous lookbook!

  • Snippets never arrived yesterday! I had been getting it regularly until now. Will have to sign up again?

  • Just found Snippets in my Trash file. Very weird.