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  • OMG!!! I was packing some books yesterday and came across my beloved copy of Glorious Color. Can’t wait for another holiday season with Kaffe!

  • Oh, this is just wonderful! Can’t wait – exactly what we all need right now!

  • Can we preorder field guide #16.

  • Loved issue 13 and loved making the coins scarf. So much inspiration, can’t wait for the next reveal.

  • This news makes me very happy. We need the the hope of color right now.

  • This is very exciting news and I am so looking forward to see what you have for us!

  • I began my love affair with Rowan yarns when I met Kaffe Fassett at the Tomato Yarn Company located in Lambertville, NJ. He is a amazing knitwear designer. His book, Glorious Knitting exploded on the knitting scene at the time and I wanted to be a part of it. I have a vast collection of his knitting books. I will definitely order this field guide!

    • As soon as they mentioned New Hope, I thought of the Tomato Yarn Company but couldn’t remember its name. What a beautiful place.

    • I thought I was the only human left on the planet who remembered the Tomato Yarn Company!!! Of course, I lived in Boston at the time and met Kaffe Fassett at a yarn store on Boylston Street in the 70’s sometime.
      He was selling the heck out of his sweaters and coats and teaching some classes. He was young, (me too)

    • I got so many boxes from Tomato Factory-I still have my shade cards and refer to them often. Remember BaaBaa Bills?

  • Oh no!
    You’ve done it again!
    I’d just organized all my stash and made a list of future projects ! With Kaffe Fassett it will be impossible to keep to that list .
    I LOVE his colors and designs and CANT WAIT for field guide no 16.
    Sorry project list. And I just told hubby – to whom I’d promised no more new yarn until I used up my stash- it won’t be possible!
    The new Field Guide is coming to town !

    At least I’ll have just enough time till Nov 13 to finish my grandson’s cardigan.

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Can’t wait! Color is my favorite thing in knitting. And I still have fond memories of Kaffe’s lecture on color knitting. And I loved his comment on the color wheel on your recent video where he said it “was the work of the devil”. For the way my mind works this is true. Once heard, I don’t easily forget (people will always be a “season” to me. always), so I always avoided color wheel talk. Glad to see for once I am in company with a genius.

  • This is exciting news! Can’t wait to see the new issue!

  • Can’t wait!❤️

  • Thanks for this fabulous news. Yet again you are enriching my life and providing joy in this troubled time.

  • Oh…My…Goodness!! Kaffe? Truly???? I have been such a fan for so many years. I have every book of his in duplicate (never want to lose one; you knitters understand!). Adore him, his sense of color, his words, his brilliance. Great news, y’all!!

  • I am beyond excited!!!!!

  • I am so excited about this. It’s a gloomy day here, trying not to resent having to self-isolate during half term, and the promise of colour has given me something to look forward to. 🙂

  • Holy Moly!!! I’ve been a fan forever, including his quilts & needlepoint!! Can’t wait! ❤️

  • Can’t wait. Was just talking to my knitting bff about starting another blanket. Last year’s saving grace in COVID purgatory. Preview soon so we can start planning!

  • Yowza! This is the BEST possible news‼️

  • Hooray!! Field Guide #13: Master Class changed my knitting life! Thank you so much for this encore!

    • p.s. I love the painting above. The blue is Agapanthus, yes? Who is the artist please?

      • That’s a photograph, actually, by Elysa Weitala, our truly brilliant Field Guide photographer.

        • It is a wonderful gathering of nature and nurture. The Buddha statue, the flowers,
          the yarn..is that a clump of yarn ends in the front? How clever.

  • Oh my GOSH – ANOTHER Kaffe!?!?!!! This completely brightened my day. I am so excited. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

  • I am currently knitting your gorgeous Corrugated Shawl in winter white, so another POP of Kaffe color will be delightful to consider for a next project.

  • Needles poised! Can’t wait!

  • This is just the news I needed right now. What with everything going on, I’ve been in a bit of a grumpy slump since the last Kaffe Field Guide. I spent the first couple of months of the pandemic with Field Guide 13 so it will make be extremely happy to spend a few more months with Kaffe and a new Field Guide. I’ve got an impressive stash of Rowan felted tweed, but even that hasn’t been able to inspire me until now.

  • PLEASE, can we pre order Field Guide 16? Pretty please?

  • AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I can’t believe it! This is wonderful news! I’m sure a huge fan. On a trip down the California coast I made it a priority to stop in Nepenthe for lunch – it’s breathtaking. I waited to buy Dreamimg In Color until I could buy it there. Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me – finally something awesome in 2020!

    • Nepenthe… we are all going to get back to Nepenthe someday soon …

  • OMG! I knew it! Yay! 😉

  • Squee!!!! The last one was such a delight – more is what we need right now! ❤️

  • *screams with delight*

  • Very exciting. We need something to look forward to. So much.

  • We are a few hours away from Zeta’s landfall and are very, very tired of hurricane prep this year (We have been in the cone 7 times in Louisiana and this will be the fifth landfall in the state this season). I was feeling a little blue about it until I got this news. You just filled what is going to be a long and very windy day with joy and anticipation. I loved Kaffe’s last collection for mdk and cannot wait for the follow up!

    • Oh, good luck to you today, Debbi. I hope it all blows through quickly. Xoxo

    • (raises hand — also exhausted in Louisiana…) This is excellent news, for sure!

      And Debb12 – where are you?

      • Hi Robin, I am also in NOLA and thrilled to have electricity and internet again!

  • OMG KAFFE! (Yes – all caps!)

  • I’m so excited. I just love anything he does. We need his cheery colors now more than ever.

  • I’m so happy about this!!! After Field Guide 13 I found myself wishing there was more with Kaffe. Yay!! Can’t wait. Thank you!!

  • I can’t wait to get my copy! Kaffe Fassett is one of my favorites!

  • GASP! This is beyond exciting.

  • 2021: the year of Kaffe Fassett. Brilliant!

  • This is awesome news! I LOVE his work. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the newest Field Guide 🙂

  • Ooooh can’t wait! I will take this as a cosmic hint to finish up my Kaffe KAL from 13

    • In one of the Kaffe articles it mentioned something along the lines of ….a basket of yarns in different colors like a paint box to knit and play with … I haven’t stopped thinking about that basket!
      And so I can’t wait to get this guide!! I simply can’t wait to join in

  • Oh, wow, this is super! I can’t wait to see what comes of this.

  • Exciting! Can’t wait for this colorful field guide.

  • Looking forward to Kaffe.

  • My copy of #13 is falling apart I’ve read and used it so much. Glad I purchased the pdf also. Love, love, love the color and idea. I’m sooooo excited. Can we preorder???

  • Looking forward to lots of fun….deb

  • As I read your post, I realized I was smiling. What a wonderful way to start the day. Loved your photo too.

  • Omg! Literally just squealed – I cannot wait! I have to take out my hard copy of FG 13 now, to get me through until Nov 13…

  • I can’t believe it!!!….and I can’t wait!!! Always inspired…always find something I can’t wait to knit….and this comes from a girl who primarily knits with grey!!! There is just something about his designs!! Thank you!

  • Oh, my. When you announced a new designer my thought was “I’m afraid they’ll never be able to top giving us Kaffe Fassett”. Giving us Kaffe Fassett *twice*? Ok, color me wrong!

  • Mine arrived today and it is beautiful. I’m hopelessly overcommitted right now but will look forward to digging in.

  • Excellent choice.

  • I love this one. In my top three or four of your fabulous output thus far. Thanks ladies.

  • I’m in the hospital and I would do any for a small project and my glasses. But I fell at home and it took me 8 hours to crawl to my phone to call 9 1 1 so I’m lucky to be alive. I’m only 67 but the very young doctor wanted me to go to a nursing home until they discovered the broken ribs and blood clots in both legs and a pulmonary embolism in my chest. Thank god I am an RN or she would have killed me.