Dance to This: David Byrne’s American Utopia (Film)

By Kay Gardiner
October 18, 2020

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  • Yes!!!! I was so lucky to see the show live a number of times when I volunteered with Head Count, a voter registration drive organization. Byrne had Head Count volunteers at every show- in the lobby- to register voters. I am a long time fan – and so excited to see the film. Go vote and then get up and dance!!!!

  • Make sure to watch the West Wing reunion while your trial subscription is active as well!! It hit me on so many levels, especially as a theatre professional who hasn’t seen actors create new work on a stage since March.

  • I rocked out to this last night and then, exhilarated, I googled folding bikes.

  • Yes! Thank you!

  • I started the HBO Max free trial to watch the West Wing reunion, then I found Six Feet Under, and now this. I think I’m hooked, at least for a few months.

  • Watched it last night! I think I had a smile on my face the entire time 😀

  • If you’re trying out an HBO subscription, I recommend The Great Pottery Throw Down. I very rarely watch reality tv shows— too much pettiness and drama for the sake of drama— but this is made by the same group that makes The Great British Bake-off and it’s basically the same ethos, only for pottery.

    It’s absolutely delightful to see a group of artists striving their best to make some amazing ceramics. And unlike Paul Hollywood, the male judge is a complete teddy bear who regularly gets choked up when he’s particularly proud of something a contestant has done.

    • I agree – I YouTubed the Great Pottery Throwdown and quite loved it. But I am a complete sucker for reality things where the point is for the contestants to be extremely good at something that’s really quite difficult to do well.

  • Looking forward to seeing this, but I also want to recommend My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Beautiful cinematography and a lovely story of connection and renewal.

  • Oh yes, we ALL need this .

  • Can’t pass up anything David Byrne. Just read his book a couple of months ago called “How Music Works” …. amazing insight into nooks and crannies of the music business, music theory and all ’round music-y stuff that I didn’t know much about but he has been through it ! What a genius on so many levels.

    • That book has been on my list for ages!

  • Watched “American Utopia”last night. Loved it! My husband and I were smiling for the whole show.