Douglas Stuart on the New Yorker Radio Hour

By Kay Gardiner
October 10, 2020

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  • And on the shortlist for the Booker Prize!

  • Wow, great recommendation. I’ve already downloaded the Amazon Kindle/Audible combo (lets you read or listen interchangeably and picks up where you left off in either medium) and I’m 10 percent through it. It’s a great book. I’m listening while knitting.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I must have listened to that episode of the NYer Radio Hour, as before the #shelterathome WNYC was always on in my kitchen, and I sit on Saturdays with my tea, The Gray Lady and NPR, dreaming of a brownstone. Still do it on Saturday – other days, not so much anymore. Reading two newspapers is enough despair.

    But my knitting has benefited — one UFO down for one new project … and I miss the City.

  • I wasn’t part of the MDK community when Bowling Avenue was published. Now I can’t wait to read it! Ordered from Amazon today!

  • ❣️ Can’t wait to hear it.

  • It’s with great anticipation I open my morning’s emails and see the latest post from you. The variety and scope of your emails is amazing. I love that it’s not always just about knitting. We are multi-dimensional people after all. Thanks for keeping us so well informed. This is one of my favorite websites. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Ooh, can’t wait to check this out! And I highly recommend Ann’s book and the audiobook, it’s delightful!

  • And shortlisted for the Booker Prize which will be announced in Nov. Not bad for a fiber guy.

  • And shortlisted for the Booker Prize, which will be announced in November. Not bad for a fiber guy.

  • Thank you! I bought a Kindle edition of “Bowling Avenue” last night around 10:00 pm and finished it at 4:00 a.m. today. I am otherwise a responsible adult with daytime responsibilities. I grew up in Nashville (Green Hills and Hillwood) and left over 40 years ago. What a delightful way to go down memory lane. Loved the characters!! My mom was still alive in spring 2010 and I remember the flood. You nailed it, Ann!! Only correction I would suggest-Oprah got her first on air position as co-anchor of the local news in Nashville, even before her widely known association with Chicago.